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MS-09 Dom Mobile Suit (MS-09D, -09J, -09N, -09R)

I. Dimensions
MS-09D MS-09J MS-09N MS-09R
Total Height:  18.6 meters 18.6 meters 18.5 meters 18.6 meters
Total Depth : 5.1 meters 5.2 meters 5.8 meters 5.5 meters
Total Breadth : 9.6 meters 9.8 meters 10.0 meters 10.1 meters
Dry Weight : 31.3 metric tons 21.9 metric tons 22.4 metric tons 22 metric tons
Operational Weight : 38.4 metric tons 29 metric tons 31 metric tons 30.4 metric tons

II. Type

III. Service Use

IV. Propulsion


Note: all plasma-shock expansion engines draw their plasma from a single fusion pile.






(MS-09D, -09J)

(MS-09N, -09R)

Fuel Capacity:


(MS-09N, -09R)


V. Performance

MS-09D MS-09J MS-09N MS-09R
Running speed: 240 kph 110 kph 360 kph 133 kph
Max loiter time(*): 360 seconds 80 seconds 720 seconds 120 seconds
Jump distance:(*, **) 150 meters 150 meters 170 meters 170 meters
Generator Endurance:(***) 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years
Acceleration: (****) - 1.51 G - 3.45 G
Delta-v capacity(****): - 115.9 kps - 134.1 kps
* = MS-09J, -09R not normally used in a gravity environment
** = Earth-normal conditions and without thrusters
*** = Continuous operational use.
**** = MS-09D, -09N not designed for space use. 

VI. Electronics

Radar tracking:

(MS-09D, -09J)

(MS-09N, -09R)

Optical tracking:
Tactical Electronic Warfare System (TEWS):

(*) Terran designation. The Tirolian designers considered the sensors part of the design and did not assign separate designations for these systems.

VII. Armament


Hand Held Weapons

Melee Weapon

VIII. Armor

The armor on the MS-09 is a low-mass lunarium tungsten composite plating that is the standard for most Tirolian mecha. Aside from the good protection provided against projectiles, missiles, and other kinetic weapons, this armor is also resistant to plasma globes (annihilation discs), lasers, and fair against, particle guns too, owing to the fact that the armor can flake off and evaporate in layers under fire from such high-energy weapons, taking much of the weapon's energy and converting it into the latent heat of sublimation in the armor. The armor stops all small arms fire, and has good resistance to all weapons commonly mounted on combat mecha.

The Rick Dom provides full protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards, using an overpressure cockpit environment activated by radiation and hazardous chemical sensors, or manually when biological warfare conditions are anticipated. The internal consumables supplies can provide atmosphere for three days maximum.

IX. Development

Following the failed coup attempt of the Robotech Elders in 2047, the Tirolian Republican Guard sought ways to improve their mobile suit performance dramatically.  Based on combat data and pilot reports and critique of the MS-06, the TRG came to the conclusion that there was a need for highly agile unit that could be produced more widely than the expensive MS-06S.  A design competition was held with both Zeonic and Zimmand competing.  The Zeonic mobile suit, the MS-07 Gouf was tough completion for the new and advanced MS-09 Dom, but the in the end the MS-07 could not keep up with the MS-09 Dom's incredible ground mobility.  

The MS-09 Dom is built around a pair of large jet engines.  These engines give the Dom the ability to hover several meters off the ground allowing it to traverse most terrain types with great ease and at high speed.  The jet engines also require little fuel as they absorb the needed reaction mass from the atmosphere around them, only for jumping is mass needed.  The Dom also features an highly effective armor design giving it the ability take a large amount of punishment compared to mecha of its day.  While this design gives the Dom a Sumo-like appearance, don't be deceived as this agile and quick mobile suit is an opponent to be feared by most ground combatants.  A new series of large missile launchers was designed for the new Dom giving it a large punch to match its tough armor and quick speed.  With the development of tachyon weaponry an additional weapon was added to the Dom at the last minute, a Tachyon Beam Spray Cannon.  This takes the rather expensive tachyon cannon, and creates a less powerful, but far less expensive cannon.  The tachyon spray cannon diffuses the energy into many different directions at once allowing it to hit multiple targets at once.  This cannon does have its drawbacks of course, first is range and the larger problem being using the cannon in a large firefight because of the risk of hitting friendly targets.   To round out the weaponry the Dom can use on of several types of assault rifles as well as a heat saber, the predecessor to the deadly tachyon saber.  The first Dom's entered service in late 2048 taking their place alongside their Zaku II counterparts in terrestrial defense platoons.  

While development of the MS-09D Dom progressed, Zimmand was looking to take the Dom into space.  A few small changes allowed this superb terrestrial mobile suit to be turned into a deadly space fighting machine.  By removing the jet engines and adding a pair of reaction thrusters this remake was complete and the MS-09J Rick Dom was born.  Exteriorly 99% identical to its terrestrial cousin, the Rick Dom also uses much of the same weapon systems retaining the the same tachyon beam spray cannon and heat saber.  Like the Dom it can use most any type of weapon in the Tirolian arsenal except for the tachyon rifles.  The first MS-09J entered service in early 2049 and began to replace some of the MS-06F in use mostly assigned to higher ranking officers or aces.

In 2050 Zimmand began to design a series of upgrades for the Dom line.  This yielded two mobile suits surpassing the originals in terms of speed and armor.  The MS-09N Dom Tropen was designed to replace the MS-09D for terrestrial combat while the MS-09R Rick Dom II was to replace the Rick Dom.  The Dom Tropen had an even bulkier exterior appearance than the previous generation of Doms.  But again this Sumo-like exterior hides the track and field runner beneath.  By replacing the jet engines (which were prone to breakdowns) with newer reaction thrusters the top speed boosted to over 600 km/h over smooth terrain and was still almost as quick over even the rockiest of terrain.  Jump abilities were improved and a new missile launcher was added.  This launcher was designed to use an oversize short range missile with a tremendous warhead.  Other than that the Tropen uses the same weapons as the MS-09D.  The MS-09R while having slightly less powerful thrusters, adds more of them for a total of five thrusters giving the Rick Dom II a tremendous amount of speed and agility in space.  In addition a new missile launcher was designed.  While having a smaller magazine, it was able to fire more rapidly and was easier to maintain than the previous design.  Both the Dom Tropen and the Rick Dom II entered service as the main mobile suit for high ranking officers in 2051.  

Again like the Gelgoog the MS-09 Dom never saw much combat, but the combat it did see usually went in its favor.  

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