Vejiitasei Ascendant: The Birth of the Super Saiyan

Vejiitasei is in crisis! Will Vegeta recognize the true enemy in time, or is the Empire doomed?

Part 1: The New Heir
Flash Forward 1
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Part 2: Antecedents
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Part 3: Lunacy
Flash Forward 3
Chapter 33
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Chapter 38

Warning! This part of the story is not even close to finished yet! If you hate not knowing what happens next, you might want to come back later!

Notes and Warnings:

This fan-fiction contains adult themes. "The Birth of the Super-Saiyan" has sex, including some tricky inter-species stuff that narrow-minded folks might consider offensive, especially if they're homophobic. You're warned. Don't yell at me if you decide to go ahead and read. (Can you believe it? People have gone through two books and are just now figuring out I'm serious about this part. Amazing.)

This fan-fiction also contains violence and strong language. Mostly, however, it contains characters interacting with one another, so if you think Dragonball-Z is about macho guys bashing each other about the head and shoulders, this probably isn't for you.

Some notes about the time-line: This story starts shortly after Bulma's arrival on Vejiitasei (which would be about the time Vegeta and Nappa originally came to Earth during the "regular" DBZ story), and chronicles the next dozen or so years on the planet -- with the occasional temporal side-bar.

This fan-fiction is a serial. That means it's going to wander about a bit. Don't worry; the thread of the main story isn't lost, and everything will end up where it's suppose to sooner or later. Really. I promise. Trust me.

Many, many thanks to my pre-readers, especially Rhionae, and to the gang at for always being willing to help with obscure Dragonball info when I need it.

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