Vejiitasei Ascendant: The Chikyuu Contaminant

Vejiitasei Ascendent: The Young Prince

In a Vejiitasei ruled by tradition, the heir to the throne feels trapped by the passive role of protector assigned to him.

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Notes and Warnings:

Yep, it's true; I'll take my inspiration from just about anywhere. So you'll find elements of the manga, the anime, the English dub and even the Spanish dub (which was my first experience of Dragonball-Z) in this fan-fiction. All of the above are vague about life on Vejiitasei, so I made a lot of stuff up. There, I said it, and I'll say it again if I must. I figure this is an alternate universe, so what the heck. If you're a purist of any sort, however, this isn't for you.

This fan-fiction contains adult themes. "The Young Prince" has no sex, but it does feature some tricky inter-species stuff that narrow-minded folks might consider offensive, especially if they're homophobic. You're warned. Don't yell at me if you decide to go ahead and read. This fan-fiction also contains violence. Mostly, however, it contains characters interacting with one another, so if you think Dragonball-Z is about macho guys bashing each other about the head and shoulders, once again this probably isn't for you.

Some notes about the time-line: in the "regular" Dragonball-Z universe, Vegeta was around eight when Freeza took him away for training. The Vegeta in this story is in his mid-teens and has no special attacks whatsoever, apart from the usual basic Saiyan battle plan of "knock 'em down 'till they don't get up." So there are some differences in what Vegeta learns, when he learns it, and who he learns it from.

This fan-fiction is a serial. That means it's going to wander about a bit. Don't worry; the thread of the main story isn't lost, and everything will end up where it's suppose to sooner or later. Really. I promise. Trust me.

SITE DISCLAIMER: This site uses characters copyrighted by lots of other folks. Dragonball images and characters are copyrighted by Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, Shueisha, and Bird Studios. The English dubbed version of Dragonball-Z is copyrighted by Funimation. The text and stories on this site are copyrighted by little ol' me, and absolutely may not be reprinted on other sites. Everyone clear on who owns what? Good. Enough fine print, go read the stories!