OIC Unix(B) 96 - 97 Course

OIC Unix(B) 96 - 97 Course
Yuichiro Ura
Naoko Nakama
Tomoyo Kohatsu
Indira Gonzáles
Wu Gesheng
Faustino Dina
Samuel A. Okang
Ondris Gonzáles
César Colindres
Sunil Gupta
Gene Lorica
Anura K. Wickramasooriya
Muhammad Burhan Amin
Muratbek Mamytov
Gabriel Mera
Osvaldo Ramírez
Chookiat Chungchaichatchawan
Erdal Bozkurt

Okinawa International Centre

Unix Database System Designer (B) Course

24 October, 1996 - 22 March, 1997

everybody.jpg (58525 bytes)

All our group.
On the top Gene, from left to right Osvaldo, Cesar, Wu, Erdal, Ondris, Gabriel, Burhan, Chookiat, Sammy, Anura, Murat, Sunil and Faustino. Seated Indira, Nakama san, Ura san and Tomoyo san

shisar.jpg (41780 bytes)

Our japanese angels, Tomoyo san on the left, and Nakama san on the right

men.jpg (40477 bytes)

Gabriel, Murat, Sunil and Cookiat, a good bodyguard platoon for our Nakama san

ourgirls.jpg (50723 bytes)

...and if that was not enough, here the second line: Burhan, Faustino, Anura, Gabriel on the back and Gene guarding our treasure: Indira and Nakama san

And don't stop here, visit the gallery of our classmates, listed at the left.

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