"Mwahahahaha... as soon as these chemicals mix together, I will have created the world's most perfect beverage! And then everyone will worship me, Tiffany-er, Nuriko, and his soft drink that's wholesome yumminess cannot be duplicated, and I'll rule the world, rule the world..."
-Tiffany Taylor

Rule The World.. Mwahahah...
Okay, so I had a point to all this. You've actually stumbled upon the sick sad world of my mind. It looks so pretty on the outside, doesn't it? Ha, this is just the candy colored shell of my insanity. So this page is run by the almighty M-chan (all hail). Mwhahahaa... T-chan has come to the dark side!! She will help fun this page. The reason this page exists is alllll T-chan's fault you see. She and I were decussing our respective anime harems and we decided to make lists of the guys. I said.. hey.. how about I make a homepage devoted to them and the shows they come from. This was I get to talk about awesome anime, tooo... ooo...

So, if you think you're tough enough to go in and see how psycotic we really are.. come on in. You can visit...

If none of those strike your fancy ((WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE??)) you can also visit.. Now, if you don't like either of THOSE, you have one more choice. You can also take a gander at...

If for any reason you find you want to send some e-mail, you can send ME an e-mail, or you can e-mail T-chan , who would like it too. We need e-mail. We crave it.

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[Nabiki:] Wow. Kasumi, do you realize how much money we'd have if we charged 1000 yen for each visitor-

[Kasumi:] Nabiki!!!

[Nabiki:] Well it's always worth a shot.