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Decent of the Angel~An Anime Website

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Updated December 16th, 1999!

starbut.gif (1704 bytes)?Hi!?As you could see...well, that is if you've been here before...that I've redone practically everything.?So yup!?Here it is!?Hope it's better for you too and faster for loading...if you have any comments, feel free to drop me a note at:?aya@tokyo-3.com and I'll try to reply you as soon as possible! ^^ And my apologies for not updating since...like 6 months ago...cuz of 1st year University...driving me nuts! Work work and more work! Sorry again!

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iconstar.gif (986 bytes)?For those of you who haven't been here, I just wanna tell you that my website is not on all the japanimation things that was ever invented.? However, if you want, I'll try to add some links to those site, but right now my homepage is actually just a whole bunch on "shrines" of my favourite characters and animes...and maybe have some profiles, short summeries...and definately a LOT of images and galleries. ?So...just take a look around and make sure you sign my guestbook!!!

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starbut2.gif (1021 bytes)?Updates:?ARGH! University Finals are giving me a headache. Sorry sorry and sorry for not updating in like 1/2 year already! I removed the Gundam Wing site finally since I'm trashing it, and I trashed my Fanart site too, sorry. Um...joined another webring. I should put the webrings on a seperate page shouldn't I? This site takes too long to load? Well sorry cuz I have cable I wouldn't know...hahaha. ^^' Okay, If I have time during Christmas, I'll try to make a WeiB Kreuz site and maybe I'll add my TarePanda site to Geocities. I also wanted to make a Kenshin and Clamp Campus Detectives site, but I haven't even updated my X site for a while, so why bother? Well...that's it for now. Sorry for the disappointment...sigh.

Created May 8/99: FFVIII Site! ^^

Created Nov 18/99: TarePanda Site (for Computer Science project...)

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Kamui~X 1999

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Fushigi Yuugi

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Mirai Trunks~DragonBall Z

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Yohko Kurama~Yu Yu Hakusho

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About Lantis...that's me...^.^

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Cool Linx!!!


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Woohoo!?That's all I have right now...so I guess you're leaving already...oh well!?Come back often for updates!


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This Site is Under constructbar.gif (26723 bytes)...Always ^.^ (Cuz I'm never satisfied)construct1.gif (2438 bytes)

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AHHH! It's here! My mini site dedicated to my cute little "kaie saie lo" (cantonese, meaning...eh...not sure what it is in english...godbrother? Dunno) If you're interested (mainly my friends from school, like COC) then go to my website: horseclick.gif (1897 bytes) Decent of the Angel~William! (the REAL angel...^^)

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