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Hi everybody! It's been a while since I last touched this page, but I'm back! (*Bows*) Thank you, thank you, you're too kind. Anyway This page is gonna be seeing some new changes pretty soon. Heh, as you can see it's already changed a lot. No longer is this page the bubbling spring of information that it was before, rather I've decided to make this page completely useless and turn it into a battle arena! Just how can I do such a thing you ask? Well it's simple. Every month or so I'll post two new contestants who will duke it out for your enjoyment, and best of all you get to decide who wins. Just vote for your favorite character and check back every now and again to read the epic tale of battle (fanfic style of course). Anyway enough chatter, get voting! And I'll see ya later.

And now, it's time for... drum roll please... The SF joke of the week! A new feature added to help spice things up a bit! Sponsored by Charlie & Guile's Hair Cuttery, where their motto is "If your hair looks normal, we didn't cut it!" Now, onto the joke...

What do Dan and Monica Lewinski have in common?

They both suck!

(Okay so the joke was pretty crappy, but hey it's not like I'm gettin paid to do this) If you have a SF joke and you wanna see it here next week send it, along with your name, and web address (if you have one) here!(

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