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San Francisco - Where Mat & Keck Were Married
Victoria - Grandma & Grandma Visit Victoria
Boston Kitty - Kitty's Adventures Going to Boston
European Adventures - Mat & Keck go to Europe
Pottery - Mat's Pottery Creations
Fetusa - Ultrasounds of the Baby
Iceland - Tracey & Tracy's trip to Iceland

I had thought to only use this page as a temporary index page until I made my own, but it is kinda funky. So, I've decided to keep it, with a few modifications...

On the right your will find a list of our adventures in the MKKM (Mat, Keck, & Kitty Milligan) household. Further right are some links to friend's sites.


Updated: August 14th, 2004

Kevin Milligan - Kevin's UBC Economics webpage.
A Tour Around the World - Diana & Richard's four month holiday.
Hawaiian Wedding - Bill & Michelle's wedding photos.
Chad's Photos - Take a peak into Chad's life in Vancouver.
AdrAlien - Adrian's collection of photos and rants.