Misha and Choddy's Playground

Well I don't wish to be a homepageless person so I decide to built me a home on the net. This should be a page wif Poetry, Angel's, Bike's and Katz.
I love writing poems, I find it an elegent way to express one's self. And Angel..
Angel always facinate's me, I'm a reborn Christian you see but I think I seriously need to be reborn again pretty soon ;)
Then Katz...yup my favourite pet, I've a persian mixed, full White and 100% BUM, her names SASSY. Then Bikes yup yup that too I love anything Bikey. I've myself here a '97 Kawasaki ZXR-250 C-6 and I name her MOMAY (It's Bad luck not to name your bike) ((See what I mean bout' me needing another Christianing??))
But what I really wanna tell you is..about Choddy.
I met Choddy in ICQ back in 98 around Febuary. We were normal Cyber friends then and somehow graduated to Cyber-lover. But the amazing thing is how things got serious and we decide to meet up in real life. We both live about 1000km apart.
I booked my flight and had to wait a month, we both had butterflies and it seems to grow bigger everyday. Then on the 15th Sept 98 I manage to drag myself up the plane (by time my butterfly had grown to a foot in wingspan.) We finally set eyes for the first time on that faithfull day in Sept. *s* she insisted I'm a parier K-9 but one of these days I'll prove it to her (When I find my MKA cert) that I'm actually a Pedigree. She's no better herself she's a mix Thai/chinese with a limited Thai vocabulary *w*. (sorry manja I can't resist this one)
And we had fun..lots of it, spending 3 weeks together and that I think is my best vacation ever. We fell in Love in real life and trust me when love blossom its the best gift God gave us. Sadly after all the party and Bum life for the 3 weeks we had to return to our kernel. *boo*
But Christmas this year...Choddy gave me my best present ever, she actually flew down and the present "mmmmmmmm". Boy I almost fainted when I heard the news.
We spend Christmas together for the first time and again we wore our BUM suit and transform into superbum that of course she being the bigger bum..*S*
Had fun...lots and lots of food and she got addicted to chicken wings (which this time I have prove) and then after the celebration again we're back to our daily life but she left me in cloud 9, I still suspect she did cast a spell on me tho'...(off the record)
Ok Ok you may wonder where the hell are those poems and bikes and katz
and is this another cheap advert trying another routine conn job..well no k...
here goes............

You can't count on em