This is it. Spartan. Simple. The Tale of my Life.

A little intoduction is perhaps in order....

Name: Michael Hyun Woo Cho

Cool Nicknames: Sadly, none.

Embarassing Nicknames: Panda Bear

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 215 (Yay protein shakes and creatine!!!)

Hair: Yes, I have it.

Eyes: Black. No, I will not wear those weird-ass contacts that give me haole eyes.

Piercings: 1 tongue ring.

Tattoos: 4

This would be a bad time for my parents to log in, huh? Speaking of which I would appreciate it if those of you who do know my parents would ixnay on the attootay. Thanks.

Occupation: Mutual Funds Operations Specialist Level 1, soon to be Level 2.

Occupation in English: I'm a broker for Charles Schwab.

Likes: Women. My mother's a woman, that helps. Music of most types. Sports. Korean food. Gin & Tonic.

Dislikes: Food poisoning. Heights. Oakland Raiders.

I'll throw more stuff down soon.

4/11 - Yeah, it's been a while since I've done anything to this page. And obviously, my HTML skills are not getting any better. But I don't really care about that sorta thing. I don't know who even comes to this page anymore. Me, maybe. Sometime I wish my ex would.

I'm not sure why I want her to come to this page. I guess it is reassuring or maybe makes me feel good knowing that she cares in some way. But I can't imagine she does.

Anyway, before I slip into deep depression, which is funny since I'm kinda there as it is. I've been thinking alot oabout doing drugs again. Not to say I was a hardcore heroin user or anything, but I miss somethings. Mainly marijuana and ecstacy.

I just miss something about those. I dunno, maybe it was the slip from reality, or the numbness. Granted it's all just an escape, but I still feel like doing it. I'm wondering if this a direct rebellion on my current church going habits. It's honestly not giving me the answers I thought I would get or need.

3/21 - I saw the most beautiful woman at the gym yesterday working out.

So in the most debonair, smooth manner possible, I stared at her like a complete tool.

What else could I do?

She had this porcelain skin. So smooth. It even looked like it would be cool to the touch. She wasn't over muscular, she had enough tone to complement the curves she wore well. It wasn't even like she was pneumatic or anything, she was....grace. If there was a physical manifestation of eloquence, I think it would definitely be this woman.

So, of course, I can't appraoch her in the gym, because well, it incredibly shady.

She had to know I was looking at her though. Given how I would stop all physical activity when she was around. Yeah, kind of hard not to notice the big Korean guy ceasing activity when you walk by. I think she was doing it on purpose.

No, nothing tragically comical, like me dropping weights on myself happened.

The really, really bad thing is I do believe she knew I was looking at her. Not that I was being real obvious about it. It was about as inconspicous as a lighthouse on a dark night. But everytime I moved to a different area of the gym, there she was. Like she wanted me to look at her. I can understand that.

Wait no I can't, no one ever looks at me.

3/20 - Well, let's get a little update on this site.

I am still pathetically single. Which makes me wonder if women can smell the absolute and total destruction of me due to my last relationship as a person still lingering on me.

I would not be totally suprised if they could.

You know what though? I spend an awful amount of time bitching about how woman-less Denver, Colorado is, but it just might be that I'm going about it all wrong and am being a big ass about it. Yeah. Hey!! Don't be so damn quick to run to the "me being an ass" conclusion.


Anyway. It's apparantly obivious that I have not learned any more HTML. But something about this simplicity is nice. I think we choose to complicate our lives too much with gadgets, shiny things and lingerie.

I dunno where the lingerie came from, I just thought it would be an odd thing to say.

I have this problem with impulse control.