You like me! You really like me!!
Wai!  My first award!
I'd like to thank me for nominating me^_^;;
And a big arigatou to Rei Angel for giving me the award^_^;;;;

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Wow, I've actually won another award!  Domo arigatou!!

And finally, this kawaii award!  Domo arigatou Hotaru64!

Wai!  I'm the first to win this award...I feel so special!  Domo arigatou Sailorpegasus!!

This, obviously, is from Sayoko-chan^^; It's my favorite award, since she made it for me.  Wai!  Arigatou Sayoko-chan!!

Yet another Sugoi award!  Arigatou Angie-chan!!

Sugoi!  It says my name^_^;  Arigatou Luna!

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