Want an award?!? Sure you do! Com'on, they're pretty!
Wanna win an award?
Of course you do, that's why you clicked the link^_^;;

Well, I know that I'm totally stealing this idea from Sayoko-chan, but it seemed like a good one and I wanted to put off putting up the other pages as long as possible^_^;  So I came up with this.  Simply check out the awards below, pick the one that you'd like to try for, and fill out the form.  I'll check out your site and get back to you within three days
Of course, there are a few rules:  1.  No hentai, hate material, etc.  2.  There must actually be some content on your page.  3.  You must sign my guestbook.  Yeah, I know, I'm evil-_-;;
Other than that, there's really nothing else.  You will get an award, as long as your page follows the rules, it just may not be the one you applied for.  Feel free to spiff up your site and try again!
This is an award for those people who are especially diligent in updating their pages.  To win this baby, you must have updated at least once within the past two weeks.  Easy, ne?
This award is somewhat like the Basara award above, but not quite so hard to win.  To win this you must have updated your page within the last month.  Even if was something as simple as adding a link or something.  I trust most people that are applying for awards have done that-_-;
This award is for sites that have a very understated design.  Ie:  There's not a lot of images, and the ones that are there load quickly.  Yet somehow the page still manages to look great and navigate esaily.  This one is fairly easy to win, as long as your page meets the criteria.
This is one of two ultimate awards that I have to offer.  I know that Sayoko-chan isn't taking applicants for her ulimate award, but I don't mind if you apply for mine.  Just don't be very surprised if you wind up with a different award, since this one only goes to the very best pages.
This is my other ultimate award.  It's basically the same as the above award, and the same criteria applies.
This is an award for people who are proud of the webdesign and graphics that they have to offer.  I don't really look for content or load time on this one, so as long as the page is pretty this one is a sinch to win!
This one is basically the same as the Usagi award, except harder to win.  You have to have some really nice graohics to meet the standards of the emperor of Konan!
This is a special award that goes to sites with new and creative ideas.  Also eligable(SP?) are pages with really good fanart and fanfiction.
If it's dedicated to one or more of those incredibly hot anime babes that we all know and love, it's yours!
This is special award that you can only win if your page has a secton devoted to seiyuu, production companies, artists, etc.  The people behind the anime, get it?  I suppose it would also be appliciable if you had a section of your page devoted to the site's creator(ie: you^_^;;)
Somehow, it has to be kawaii.  That's really about it^^;
This one is basically the exact same thing as the Kotori award, except it's slightly easier to win.  If you're not sure about how ready you are to apply for the Kotori award, then you should apply for this one.  If I think your page is good enough, I'll give you the Kotori one anyway^_^;
This is a special award designed for all of those talented souls who write their own HTML without the help of a HTML program(like Netscape Composer or something similar).  I tried it once, and it sucked completely.  So this is for all of those people that are more talented than me^^;
This one is also a special award, because you *Cannot* nominate yourself for it.  This is only for people who want to nominate a friend's ste.  However, if you sign a friend up for one of these you will not be turned down.  Plus, I'll write the name of the friend who's giving the award in pretty letters on the bottom^^;
So, if you're ready, fill out the form!!

Your name, nickname, or whatever^_^:

Your email address:

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What award would you like to try for?

What is the name of the page that you're nominaing for an award?

IF you're nominating a friend's page, what is your friend's name?

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