Earth War: New Genesis

the story so far

friends and foes


Cast of Characters

(In Alphabetical Order)


Jonathan Dante "John" Baker

Occupation: Student

DOB: 11/1/89

Background: The reckless third in command of Kyle's team, John is a fellow with a big heart and a huge problem controlling it. He is always ready to rush into things, and his super speed abilities only add to this problem. Whilst he is known to get himself into trouble, he has an unusual luck which always gets him out of it. His friends can depend on him to be there for them, even if it is at the last minute... as long as a pretty girl doesn't get in the way (rumour has it that he had over 50 girlfriends in high school, and he still has a fan following of young girls in Angel Grove).



Scott Michael Collins

Occupation: Student/Gambler/Student Body President

DOB: 8/8/88

Background: Known for his deapdan humor and complete and total nonchalance. This guy is so laid back he's horizontal. Rarely gets excited about anything, but when he does it's a sight to be seen.  He is unable to be provoked in battle, and his extreme cool always keeps him one step ahead of his enemies.   His leadership skills are superb, due to his calculating mind. Likeable due to the fact that he gets along well with just about anyone.  Scott runs a small gambling ring in his spare time, along with John Baker.


Ripley Connorripley1.jpg (15990 bytes)

Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor

DOB: Unknown

Background: From Goma homeworld, Ripley was from a long line of bounty hunters. To prove her worth as a respective bounty hunter she jumped at the chance to track down a deadly bio-weapon: one which had escaped and was threatening life everywhere. This assignment led her to her fate- to be stranded on Earth and lose a lot of her memory. While on earth she is learning fair play and there is more to life than money. She feels sorry for Thomas Slade, about his loss and can't help liking him. She stays away from him though because his hatred for her kind. That wall between them hurts her more than any wound in battle could.


Kei Ichijokei5.jpg (11238 bytes)

Occupation: Musician

DOB: 9/19/90

Background: Twin brother to Sonia, Kei is a young man who tries to live the best that he can. He refuses to understand or accept the war going on around them... and has escaped into his music. It is here that he can express himself in ways he can't find otherwise. He has a great respect for all life, and hopes that one day he can come to terms with his weakness and overcome his suffering. He current resides in downtown Los Angeles, and keeps little contact with his friends, save for Janice and Joe.


Lin-Hsu "Sonia" Ichijo

Occupation: Commander of Field Operations, UN Special Defense Force, Level 9- Special Project Genesis

DOB: 9/19/90

Background: Selected by Dr. William Cranston and the Genesis Consortium to be the operations leader of the new generation of earth's defenders. Sonia aides the team as they fight the battle for Earth's survival. Her skills with computers, strategies, and in estimating the enemy are second to none.  It is when she comes around to dealing with other people that she seems to have more trouble. She is calm, collected, and reserved, never one to get too upset or emotional. Sonia has always been known as a mature young woman, one who grew up fast. She had always been the maternal/big-sister figure to her friends, but her newfound position of authority often has them at odds. She knows more about the project that the others, but is still a pawn in some greater game.


Maximillian Francis "Max" Jeniusmaxinstyle.jpg (14305 bytes)

Occupation: Student

DOB: 5/25/80

Background: An always easy-going, dependable guy, Max is a friend that can always be counted on.  He is quite passive, and usually is the one to calm things down when his friends start at each others throats.  While his bookish appearance may suggest otherwise, Max is the greatest fighter of the group. His pure agility is unmatched. His attitude about it is what helps him to keep it focused. Unlike some of his teammates, Max is never cocky. He is an integral part of making the team function together.



Lisa T. Kwanlisa.jpg (13623 bytes)

Occupation: Student/Waitress

DOB: 3/17/90

Background: Lisa's parents travel a lot, as they are both top notch journalists. They never had much time for their daughter, and she has been in East coast boarding schools for most of her life. Some incident sent her west, to live with her aunt in California. She has yet to divulge the details to anyone. Lisa has some sort of latent psychic and ESP abilities, which are slowly developing. Her personality can go from outgoing to distant and depressed, probably relating to some unknown trauma in her life. She is very close to Sonia and Brenda, who are more aware of her nature. Has had a brief relationship with John Baker. Lisa seems at times to be quite jealous of Janice and her "perfection." She also is unsure of how exactly she feels about Kei. In combat she is tough, clearly a well trained fighter.



Janice Ling janice1.jpg (16609 bytes)

Occupation: Musician

DOB: Unknown

Background: Enigmatic, yet completely enthralling, Janice is a beautiful young girl who manages to touch the hearts of many with her charm and compassion. Yet whilst she seems to understand everyone, she knows very little about herself. Expression is easy, but feeling is difficult for her. Her love for all life on this world is evident, yet at times it seems as if she barely comprehends her own existence. Behind her welcoming wide eyes lay many questions... and far too few answers.




Kyle Xavier Sebastiankyle.jpg (8261 bytes)

Occupation: Student/Pro Soccer Player

DOB: 12/26/89

Background: Chosen by Sonia Ichijo to lead the second team, Kyle comes from a pretty tough background.  His parents separated after a very abusive relationship, and Kyle lived with his mother for the next seven years.  She was killed in an attack on the city, and he has yet to come to terms with his grief, or accept what has happened. A natural leader, Kyle works extremely well with others.  He has, at times, a noble side which takes over the rest.  He despises any who take advantage of the weak, violence against women, and generally is always on the side of the underdog.   While he never imagined that he would one day become a hero, Kyle is always up to the task


Joseph Angelo "Joe" Wintersjoe.jpg (4940 bytes)

Occupation: Musician

DOB: 3/11/88

Background: Joe is the backbone of his team, the one whom you can always rely on when you're in a fix. Added to that is his mellow personality and his approachable being. He makes a great second in command, but seems to avoid full leadership at all costs. He seems to have far greater abilities than he lots on at times. Is a big brother figure to Kei, ever since they started playing in a band when they were just kids.


Amber Yost

Occupation: Student


Background: Orphaned at the age of 10, when her parents were killed in an accident, Amber is quite independant and is used to relying on herself.  While she can work well with others when she chooses to, her instincts are placed towards doing things her own way.  Quite often, her survival instincts are what save her and her friends from serious trouble.  She has a quick temper, which most of her friends are usually wary of, though John Baker always manages to find away to pull her chain.  In the end, however, Amber is always the type of friend that one would want backing them up... even John.


Brenda Yost

Occupation: Student


Background: Bright, sensible, and friendly, Brenda strives to keep a positive outlook no matter what the situation.  Her greatest asset is her ability to read people, so she can get along with anyone and always knows what to say (or when to keep her mouth shut).  She never fails to lighten a tense moment with a subtle joke.  Extremely intelligent and resourceful, she always stays at the top of her game even though she's younger than her teammates.  Her ultimate goal in life is to become a nurse, believing that to heal the body a person must heal the soul as well.


Other Characters


Thomas "Tommy" Slade

Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor

DOB: 7/25/88

Background: Tommy Slade is a former member of the team, and the first to lose his "life" in the battle with the Goma. His reawakened life is something he wants to keep far away from his former comrades. Having lost the only woman he ever truly loved, he has no desire to fight again... no matter what the cause is. He currently operates a martial arts school, and is competing in the state tournaments, a former state champion himself.


Umi Starr

Occupation: Police Officer, LAPD; Operations Lieutenant, UN Special Defense Force, Level 9

Background: From the wartorn Daos homeworld, Umi joined the usually ineffective Intergalactic Police Corps. After distinguishing herself over time, she received the assignment of tracking down a deadly bio-weapon- one which had escaped and was threatening life everywhere. This assignment would lead her to her fate- to be stranded on Earth and find out that here was the place where all of the future would be decided.


Dr. William "Billy" Cranston

Occupation: Chief of Technical and Scientific Resources, UN Special Defense Force, Level 9- Special Project Genesis

Background: A highly recognized expert in the fields of modern bio-mechanical technology, William Cranston had been developing a top secret project for the government for the past five years.  In the year 2008, he was finally ordered by his superiors to implement the project.  This mission led him to Sonia Ichijo, and from there to those chosen to be the defenders of the planet.


Professor Zimmerman

Occupation: Deputy Commander in Chief, Special Project Genesis

DOB: 10/12/49

Background: One of the world's most talented scientific minds, and winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Science, Professor Zimmerman joined Special Project Genesis out of curiousity, the request coming from two of his most talented students, one of which was Dr. William Cranston. He is a reflective, quiet man and finds the idea of working with so many young people to be a bit refreshing, if not slightly difficult.


"The Commander"

DOB: Unknown

Background: Head of the mysterious Special Project Genesis, the Commander is ultimately responsible for leading and organizing every single person in his division. However, the only people who have directly communicated with him are Dr. Cranston, Professor Zimmerman, and Shoji Yamada. Even Sonia has no idea who or what he is, but has reason to suspect that he may not even exist


Shoji "Sho" Yamada

DOB: Unknown

Background: Delegated as the special liason between the Earth Defence Force, the Kaiser Group, and Special Project Genesis, Sho has a sharp edge to his personality, and isn't afraid to let it show, but carries himself through it all with intense self control. Beyond that, he is quite a charming person, and has little trouble getting others to do what he wants them to do. Very observant about people, he rarely acts upon what he sees in others, simply keeping the information for his own benefit.


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