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The Anime site that's just like the others... ^_^

Please note: I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED!!! Well, ok, not really.. but I'm doing my best to be interested in making a site again....

Alright... so that wasn't very convincing... ^_-


*Ahem*.. After speaking with a friend of mine on the AnimePad hub(one of them) .. I've decided to continue and complete the great Anime Encyclopaedia project! Keep a close watch on this site, the template for the Encyclopaedia will be up soon, and more info will be added as it becomes available! Stay tuned, Anime lovers!

Yeah, not a lot's been done here. The fact remains that I just haven't been around as much as I'd hoped originally. I actually took a hiatus from the online world for about a year and a half to get some things in order. I'm back now, though, and staring the possibility of getting this site working right in the face.

The fact is.. it might work out, and it might not. I've got a lot to learn yet before I can get things in order the way I'd like them to be. Not to mention the sheer volume of research and entry that needs to be done before I feel this site is ready.

Ok... that negative stuff is outta the way! Now we'll see what can be done around here. I should let you all know right now that I may end up scrapping this project to allow me to devote my time to the webcomic and novels I'm currently working on(one of the results of my year and a half off). So I might be turning this page into a webcomic, or I might just make it a personal page for me... I really don't know right at the moment, but I will attempt to keep everyone posted in a more efficient manner from this point on.

The problem with not using skills for a long time is that you tend to forget them. I'm gonna have to relearn HTML to get this site working(in any event), so I'll be doing that for at least a few weeks. Gack.... this is turning into a really long update, and I'm not actually saying much. Ok.... take care everyone.... I'll have something here soonish.

*NEW UPDATE!! The Framework for the Anime Encyclopaedia is up and running! Currently, only the like for "3x3 Eyes", under the category "Shounen Anime".. is fully functional.. the remaining links just have entries stating that the link isn't finished yet.. don't worry.. these links will be completed as soon as time becomes available to do them..

To get to the framework, and a hint of things to come, just click here.

Current Updates

Today : (Aug 28, 2001) : The Framework is finished! The basic layout for the site is up and running! Just click on the "here" link above to check out what will be the greatest anime reference anywhere online.(no modesty..^_^)

Entries will be completed after more research is done... or if I get any submissions.. whichever comes first.. ^_^

Previous Update : (Aug 27, 2001) : The Great Anime Encyclopaedia Project of 2001 is on! I'll be asking for submissions, just as soon as I've finished coding the site, as well as finishing my own entries.

... actually, the site will probably be up before I'm finished my entries... but it won't ever be complete.. since new anime is coming out all the time, I'll have to rely on as many people as I can to provide me with the information needed to keep this site going.. I'm only human, and I don't even live in Japan, which makes this doubly difficult.. Regardless, I'm determined to make this site a place where people seeking anime knowledge can reliably come for their fix.

... updates commence today, and will continue long into the forseeable future..

.. I'm almost finished making the basic framework, which the site will use as it's template.. once it's completed, and a few entries are completed, I will be posting the site.. from there on, I'll be adding to it as time permits, so don't go crazy if your favorite anime isn't here.. it will be.. ^_^

... btw, I managed to locate the "Rain" instrumental.. so, that can be ignored in the previous entry..

Previous Update : (Aug 14th, 2001) : I'm back! Not better, nor new and improved, but I return once again to brave the dangers so inherent in maintaining a web page...
I think my main reason for wanting to make this page was the unbelieveable frustration I felt trying to find an instrumental version of an anime song.. It's "Rain" from Marmalade Boy(if anyone has it, please drop me a line...) and after searching site after site for it, I realized that I was just running in circles... Marmalade Boy is a pretty old anime, after all, and most sites hadn't even been updated for 3 years or more!! Lots of broken links, several sites listed on other sites didn't even exist anymore... Like I said, TONS of frustation.. So, I decided to compile a page of links to obscure anime topics.. I'll also have a fanfic section soon(I've got a great Tenchi fanfic which has already been posted elsewhere.. it's written by a good friend of mine.), and I plan to accept submissions, and may even take a hand in it myself..

However, the main reason for this site is to provide *Working* links to sites where you can find things you'd not usually find anywhere else... I'll also have a few of the obvious ones(the ones people ALWAYS have on their sites, like The Anime Turnpike, or Animenation.

Anyway, I'm sure not gonna get all this done tonight, but if anyone comes by, I thought I'd let them see that the site actually has changed recently..

Also, since I doubt I'll find it on my own, does anyone know where I can get "Rain" from MB? Drop me a line...(email address pending)... yeah I've got an email, but I've been away from this for so long I've forgotten how to make the link, and I'm too lazy to get up to check my refrence guide, so I'll update it later..

*seriously doubts he'll be contacted anyway.. ,-_-,*

Keep your eyes on this site.. Things are changing...

Mata ne, minna!