My Singapore Trip - November, 2003

One of the MRT Station
Way to Suntec City Mall
Bottom view of Suntec City Tower
Must-Do Steps of the Fountain of Wealth
Children making wish around the fountain
The Esplanade
Flowers at the Esplanade Lobby
In front of the Esplanade Lobby
The Esplanade
Me at The Esplanade Lobby
Beautiful flowers
My boy boy
The Esplanade and me
Singapore Skyline
By the sea
Me too
Colours by the bay
Duck tours
Outside the cactus-like Esplanade
Me at Sir Stamford Raffles statue
Boy boy at Sir Stamford Raffles statue
Merlion Fountain
Merlion Fountain
1929 bed
1929 table
1929 bathroom
Night Safari - Guess where's the animal
Clark Quay
7.30am. :

Train arrived at Woodland Checkpoint center. Went down from the train to get a check-in chop for my passport.

8.15am :

Arrived Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. Finding the Hotel 1929 by ourselves using map on our hand.

Try to early check-in. But, room is not available. Thus, we deposit our luggage at the hotel and then start our explore journey.


Reached Outram Park MRT station. Having some difficulty in buying tickets, coz no small change.

The MRT train is cool!

9.50am :

Arrived at City Hall. Went to the underground shopping mall. None of the shop is opened except 7-11. We decided go to take breakfast at Suntec City Mall. Walking through an exit to Suntec City Mall, saw a big Samsung TV screen and an underconstruction site.

We looked through the direction map in the Mall trying to find McDonald, KFC or Burger King. We always wanted to try fast food in overseas countries and compare their quality. :oP We walked and walked, saw the Fountain of Wealth which is one of the unique feature at Suntec City Mall. It is located at the center of Five building tower. Quite impressive view. There's a little information in front of the fountain, saying: walk around the fountain for 3 rounds with your hands touching the water, make your wish silently, and your wish may come true.

10.30am : McDonald was opened, but KFC is not. We chose spanish hamburger and turkey ham hamburger with plain water for breakfast. Others are breakfast set, we do not want to take it. Two of the hambugers taste nice but the turkey ham is hard to chew.
11.00am :

Since the shops in the mall have not opened yet, we went to Esplanade - Theatres by the bay. Two cactus-like design building. :oP It is very near to Suntec City Mall. By entering the lobby from the escalator. Beautiful orchards and other flowers were decorated and placed very nice there.

Our leg were pain and tired. Since we came to a nice and cozy lobby, we took some rest.

We saw outside of the lobby has a lot of beautiful and colourful flowers. A new couple was there to take wedding photos with family and friends. Tourist busy taking nice pictures.

12.00pm :

We walk out from the Esplanade. Took pictures with the pretty flowers, highest hotel in Singapore (from far view, I think it's a hotel, as what I was informed in Singapore news channel), artistic architecture of Esplanade.

A while later, we walked at Esplanade's side. From here you can see the Singapore's skyline, Fullerton Hotel and Merlion too! The scene is very beautiful. Boat taxi and duck tours carrying passsengers around the Singapore river and in front of the Merlion.

12.45pm :

We wanted to get nearer to the Merlion, take pictures, of course! An underpass is available for people to walk across the river. A family was fishing by the river, yet I do not see any fish was catched.

We din't realise Sir Stamford Raffles statue was near the Esplanade there (we did not plan to visit the statue, so we did not do any research on that). By not missing any chance, we took some photos. Oh, there's a nice small park nearby too.

1.15pm :

Merlion has a lot of visitors. We are not able to take photos with the Merlion standing straight behind of us, unless we took a boat taxi, in front of the big Merlion is a pool of water.

We enter Fullerton Souvenir shop. I'm looking for a slipper with an orchard on top, but did not find it in the shop.

1.50pm :

geez..I was very thirsty. We walked back to Suntec City Mall, bought a yogurt drink in Carrefour. We do not feel hungry at all though it is lunch time and we saw The Marché restaurant.

We sat at a bench at the center of Suntec City, enjoying nice view of the building towers. It is worth to give Suntec City a visit!

2.10pm :

2pm is the hotel check-in time. We went back to check-in. Took some pictures of the room for memory. The bed is about 100cm from the floor, quite high. Probably, the purpose of this is to allow people to see what's outside by opening the window. But the room was facing backyard of shophouses.

Due to not enough sleep of last night, we took a nap before dinner time.


Woke up in shock. hahaha...Why? Because when I woke up, I saw my boyfriend is watching TV and it's 6.15pm. We have not have dinner and we planed go to Night Safari at about 6.30pm. Quickly, we went to dined at a food court center at a plaza nearby.

I had Bak Chor Mee with S$2.50 and my boyfriend had fried keow teow with S$3.00. Both are fine.

8.00pm : Took MRT to Choa Chu Kang.
8.30pm : Finding No. 927 bus, this is the only bus that will reach Night Safari.
9.15pm :

Arrived at Night Safari, spend S$41.30 for the two entrance and tram tickets. It was a cold night. It was rained before we came. Luckily we did not come early.

Visitors are not allow to take pictures with animal using flash light. Flash light will scare the animals. Therefore, I unable to take any nice pictures at there, the light is not sufficient enough for camera take good photos. After taking many photos in safari, that is the one and only one looks clearer.

Animals in the safari are not in the cage. They are allow to walk within the safari. Visitors must be careful when they tracking within the safari.

When we reach Leopard Trail, tour guide suggested us to walk to see more animals. When we were in a dark path, we heard tiger roaring loud and continuously, we got really scared. We scared the tiger will jump out suddenly in front of us. :oP

The Night Safari is fantastic!

10.40pm : We left Night Safari heading for Clark Quey. Trying to catch the last railway transit before 11.20pm.
11.30pm :

Reach Clark Quay MRT station. We walked across a bridge. Saw a bungee jump booth just by the road side.

We walked along the river, westernised pub and restaurant are at our right and the tables and chairs are at our left (by the river). Though it is late at night, still people are hanging around and chat with friends.

Mostly all the shops and food stall are closed. What are opened are pub, disco, or small coffee shops. We ordered heinken beer at a shop and sit down for chat, planning what time to wake up in the next morning.

12.30pm : Trying to find our way back to the hotel.
1.30am : Found the hotel, take bath and sleep.

Cable Car to Sentosa Island
The busy Harbour Front
The busy Harbour Front
Sentosa Merlion
The Dolphin Lagoon
Dolphin Trainers
Dolphin showing his bum
We are cool!
Hoola hoop dance
We are swimming
Dolphin: Bye!
Pinkish dolphin
At the Southermost Point
Southermost Point
Me at the bridge
Underwater World
Big Fish
Mr. Yap
My boyfriend took this pic, he likes it very much
Nemo and Marlin
Jelly fish
Sword fish
Don't stare at me!
Musical Fountain
Musical Fountain
Musical Fountain
kiki - the monkey
Me at Orchard Road
Boy boy at Orchard Road
We have nothing better to do
Nice design
Very tired
The only pic that we took together in Singapore
9.00am. :

Woke up and take breakfast at the hotel.

10.00am :

Rest in the room and watch TV.


Take no. 143 bus to Keppel Tower, harbourfront.




Arrived at the Keppel Tower. We are to take cable car to Sentosa Island.

Keppel Tower is offices tower. We took lift up to 13th floor to take the cable car.

Quite a lot of people queing up for the cable car.

Inside the cable car, we saw a busy Singapore harbour from top.

1.00pm :

We reached Sentosa Island, and there's a problem here. We couldnt find our way to the monorail station. Luckily, there are staff standby for enquiries.

Finally, we found the monorail station. We decided go to dolphin lagoon to see dolphin perfomance.

1.15pm :

We walk fast from the monorail station to dolphin lagoon. As the station is quite far and the show starts at 1.30pm.

1.30pm :

Yeh! The show starts!

Two dolphins are doing the perfomance, they are smart and friendly dolphins. It's MUST SEE ACTIVITIES.

2.00pm :

After the perfomance ended, we went to the souvenir shop looking for something to buy. We bought two small dolphins dolls. One in blue colour and the other in pink. The small blue dolphin now belongs to my boyfriend's nephew now. I'm regretted for not buying the big pink dolphin which can make dolphin sound.

2.10pm :

While we were walking along the beach, which is just outside the dolphin lagoon, we saw an on-going jet ski perfomance.

Later, we walked to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. There's a hanging bridge link to it. It's a very nice and cozy place at the Point. Nice sea wind blow to you.

3.00pm :

We went back to the dolphin lagoon entrance to take bus to Underwater World. Taking bus within the island is the best choice, because it stops right in front of the entrance.

3.10pm :

Underwater World is definitely a lot of people come to visit. It's a MUST VISIT PLACE in Sentosa Island.

We saw few turtles swimming at the pond outside.

As we already have the ticket, we escaped from the long queue (nyek nyek nyek......) and go straight to the entrance.


There's a big tube and a touch pool at the entrance.

I went to touch a small shark's skin. Very geli! Then I went to touch the small starfish. It's cute!

The water animals in the aquariums are amazing and awesome. There are a lot of Dory, Nemo and Marlin.

A while later, we step on the automated walking path around the biggest aquarium in the center. A lot of different types of fishes swim around. Can't stop my eyes looking at them. We just love the small trail and couldn't stop it to enjoy it again and again. The dugong is cute!

4.35pm : We were hungry. We forgot to take lunch. There's a Delifrance shop in front of the Underwater World. So we have our tea break there.
5.00pm :

We took bus to Cinemania, a place where has moving chairs, similar to motion master in Genting Highland, Malaysia.

5.30pm :

It was a long queue too in the Cinemania.

The game is so-so. It was not scary at all. :o(

6.00pm :

We wanted to go to Merlion, but it rained suddenly. We have no choice and quickly trying to find place to sit and wait for the rain to stop.

We sit there and start chatting.

7.15pm :

The rain seems to be drizzling later. A lot of people is going for the Musical Fountain.

We start going there too. The benches on the open-air hall is all wet. People using brochures to cover the seats so that their cloths would't get wet. We, of course, took out our brochures and seat on it. haha......:o)

7.40pm :

The show starts. The most special features of the Musical Fountain is they use special laser lights to make cartoons talk, dance and speaks. It's very interesting.

From Musical Fountain there I found out the monkey is called Kiki. hehe......Sally!

8.30pm :

The show ends.

We have to rush to take cable car back to Singapore. Else we will have camp in Sentosa Island!

    9.00pm : We are on our way to take MRT to Orchard Road.
    9.45pm :

We walked along the Orchard Road, went to Wheelock Place, Borders Book Shop.

Here, have a lot, a lot, a lot shopping complexes. It is soooooo scaryyyyy!!!!!

    11.00pm : On our way back to the hotel.
    11.30pm : Reached the hotel. Take bath and sleep.

Busy Orchard Road
In front of Takashimaya Shopping Center
Junction Sparktacular
Beautiful Christmas Tree
Tangs Shopping Center
Foam-made snow
9.00am. :

Woke up and take breakfast at the hotel.

10.00am :

Rest in the room and watch TV.


Check-out time. :o(

Oh no! It's raining outside. How are we going to Orchard Road on a raining day?

The person who assists us to check-out procedure know my boyfriend. Yahoo! She extended our check-out time till 6pm. We are lucky!




As it is raining outside, we have to stay in the hotel till it stops.

I was watching TV and my boyfriend is reading.

2.00pm :

The rain still hasn't stop. I continue watching TV - Panic Room.

2.40pm :

The rain has become not heavy. We decided to check-out.

3.00pm :

Took MRT to Somerset Road.

3.25pm :

Reached there. We started to window shopping. A lot of shoppers, it is sales and it's a holiday.

The Takashimaya Shopping Center is big and a lot of people likes to go there for shopping. Perhaps, it offers good deal.

5.30pm :

After walking few of the shopping centers. We went to Wheelock Place to have coffee at Coffee Bean.

7.30pm :

Dinner time. We went to Breeks! at Takashimaya Shopping Center. It's not bad!

8.00pm :

We went to the Junction Sparktacular to wait for Light-and-Sound Performance. is not good. Just music and a disco-like ball turning. :o(

Faster, we rushed for the snow perfomance at Orchard Road. It starts at 8.30pm.


Oh, another disappointment. Foam-made snow :o)

9.10pm : We went back to the hotel to take our luggage and took a taxi to the railway station.
9.55pm :

We are on the train now. It is so sad the trip ended so soon. But, we have good memories of it.

Good bye, SIngapore.