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Pablo Manguy

May 10, 1999

May 6, 1998

I'm finally moving into my homepage here at Geocities! I'm still trying to get acquainted with this HTML stuff so bear with me! In the meantime, you can check out some random pictures I scanned a long time ago... these images are large... but they're good quality images!

Image 1: AACF Yearbook

This is the Photoshop composite I submitted for the Class of '97 AACF yearbook... check it out!

Image 2: One Mile Above Sea Level

Our very spontaneous road trip in June '96... we hop in the 4Runner and head east.. with no particular destination in mind! So here we are... in Denver, Colorado!

Image 3: Crash Landing

You all know that whenever Calvin & Hobbes ride on their sled or wagon, they eventually end up launching themselves off a cliff... well... Manguy & Pruett are no exception... (we were riding that yellow saucer)

Image 4: Large Group Meeting

Here's a photo we took at the very last AACF large group meeting in 1997. It was supposed to be a seniors' photo but a few juniors got in the way...

Image 5: Forever Plaid

This is one of my favorite pictures with my brother... we were quite GQ back in the '70's!!

Image 6: Volleybash '95

Our team picture from the 8th annual Volleyball Bash! We didn't win first prize... but we did win a family pack of instant noodles!

Image 7: Warren Commencement

More smiles from the class of '97! This picture was taken during the commencement.

Image 8: Townhouse Crew

The residents of the Mahaila Avenue townhouse units!