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here's me!

Hey, welcome to mah page......haven't had time to update my page so, sorry all!

Mah 411

Name: jenni heu lee
age: 18
status: married
b-day: 11-26-83
Location: now in LaX
Favorite food:

AIM: hmonggurlo641 and sweetjenniwho
give meeh a holla if i'm online!
My ASIANAVENUE SN is: hmong_gurlo
tag up mah payge there too aight!

this hea be me and some friends from UB at da minnesOta zoo!
PiX oF mEeH!
BoIz PiX's!!
gUrLoZ Pix's!!
CoUpLeS Pix's!!

WeLpS, ThAnx FoRe StoPPin By! don't forget to sign mah guestbook!!Laters! HmOnGoline AsIaNaVeNuE My BrO's HoMePaGe My OlDeR BrO's HoMePaGe Phoua Sai Vang's HoMePaGe Keng Vang's HoMePaGe
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