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Slamdunk/Harry Potter characters do not belong to me. No money has been made from this. All this is done in good, clean *ahem* fun. And I'm always broke and I don't care a shit about my rep. So suing will only be a waste your money.
I think I should also mention that:
Slamdunk characters belong to the great mangaka Inoue Takehiko.
Harry Potter characters belong to the goddess that is J.K Rowling.
**Why Suspension of Disbelief?**
My sister takes Lit. So she was telling me about this literary device called 'suspension of disbelief' meaning that when one reads something, disbelief would have to be suspended for a while to make the story work. For instance, in Superman. Come on, are you telling me you won't be able to recognise someone just because he took off his glasses right? Unless of course you took off your own glasses at that time. So yeah, I thought that 'Suspension of Disbelief' would be a good name for my sites. Since I do have a few. And most of them do deal with the most improbable of situations *laughs*