On the 24th of August here is what was written...

After much thought and a noticingly decreasing amount of updates, I've decided to put my site on a haitus. I have no date for my reopening of Gellyrolls! Maybe not even going to open it at all.

Now a days people don't seem to read anything, those people who read things come in fews numbers. I would like to thank three people that have supported me; Penpen; for the non stop encouragement, Amy; for the messages she leaves in my guestbook, and Tiara; for teaching me HTML. Thank you all.

So, now I've decided to put this site to a temporary or complete hault. So this is good bye for now, I hope I see you around. CHA CHA CHA...of course I'm happy!
I get more time offline.

"The gelly on the roll..."

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// I love + Sanosuke + \\