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This site is just one of the best featuring the cutest girl of Ranma ˝, our Heroine, Akane Tendo! More than 177,000 visitors can't be wrong, thank you for your preference year over year.


This site has 3 galleries: Akane! alone, with her beloved Ranma, and New Pics... Do not forget to check out the multimedia section, so what are you waiting for? Get to the links!!!

Akane Alone
With Ranma
New Pics

Other links

Now, if by some strange reason you do not now the story of this cool series, or just want to know further about it, here are the links that you all have been waiting for! Also, there are some cool icons to use on your desktop and do not forget to visit the MIDI section!

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Rei Soul site

Check out the sequel of this site, Ranma!

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