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2/2/02 - I'm back!  Been a while eh?  Well updates stopped curiously around the same time I started running my 4th Robotech War campaign on MIRC. Coincidence? Maybe....!  Anyway the Marduk are now up with 90% of their mecha and spaceships completed.  Veritechs have been updated as well with a new VAB-5 file online.  Veritechs also underwent an extensive rewrite establishing new weapon damages and ranges and the such to conform with my whole new concept of damage and space combat.  A big conflict of mine came with the RRGs capital ship weapon ranges.  While 300,000 km fits well some times, most of the time it doesn't compute.  For small mecha to play a viable role in Robotech combat, they would need to be able to rapidly reach their targets or else, why have them?  Delta-v of 4.1 kps for the VF-1 gives them an approx. 20 hour trip to their targets 300,000 km away.  Not exactly rapid transit (note this assumes all delta-v was used in forward acceleration leaving them none to get home with).  So I further sliced ranges to the 100,000 km range.  There will be more rewrites forth coming.  Right now the only files currently updated to conform with the new standards are the Naval vessels (except the Tirolian and Varauta) and the veritech mecha. 

4/17/01 - Not as much new stuff as I had been hoping for.  There are some new Tirolian Naval Vessels up along with images in the Marduk Space Ship gallery.  Most of the updates are small corrections and format changes along with the addition of the acceleration stat for most mecha.  The VC-37 and VC-39 are up now as well as some of the Sky Sleds for the RDF.  My only excuse is Giren's Greed : Blood of Zeon, great game, too damn addictive.  I'll hopefully be at Anime Central next month and hope to have a small update before that.  Be sure to check out the 4th Robotech War RPG page too!

2/23/01 - Not much this update.  Mostly mobile suit related items, reorganization and slight minor updates to histories and pictures.  The only significant change is the addition of the Gundam Mark II under the RGM-78 Gundam file.  Also updated the links page.  Much much more next update.

2/3/01 - Ok, well, were back on-line after way too long.  What happened you ask, well when I uploaded for my last update, almost all the files had issues.  Pictures not showing up, links broken, and other wonderful problems, so I deleted them planning to upload them again soon.  However, between my new job, college, and a host of other things (a three week vacation =) ) I never got around to really fixing it until just recently.  Along with now fixed files, there are a host of updates across the website that I don't really feel like documenting right now as it is about 3am.  However, what I will tell you is that with most of the Terran files now complete, it's time for to move on to the other races.  Zentraedi, Neld Zentraedi, and the Marduk are up to bat next and with the arrival of my Macross II DVD I will people to get some great frame grabs for everything from the show.  Also, next update should see the beginning of my second site, my Robotech RPG site which feature number 2644 of the Robotech RPG rules (because Paladiums just didn't do it all).  Also RPG versions of all material covered here along with eventually older material will also be here and the 4th Robotech War Campaign.  Be sure stay tuned, next update should be in about a month.  JA!

10/12/00 - Lots of updates in the mobile suit files.  Terran mobile suits underwent a major overhaul with many new pictures and a few new suits.  The first of the Tirolian mecha are now online and in there first form.  The MTA-2 Behemoth is now also online along with several new files under the aircraft index including two of the workpods.  The first draft of the less than complete Space Navy Essay is also online and more will be added by next update.  Much more to come next update including the VC-37 and -39 and the first of the conventional aircraft such as the F-32.   More ground vehicles should be up along with skysleds and hopefully Tirolian Naval Vessels.  See ya!

8/20/00 - Been a while hasn't it?  Well when I went home for the summer and lost ye old T1 connection, I got lazy and just didn't feel like uploading my site despite the fact that I had gotten a lot done on it.  Well I finally decided that it was indeed time to update the site at least once this summer so its up, up, up, and away we go! So new stuff, hmm...  First off the EC-12 is now up in its first form and is bound to change several more times as are the Marduk Zentran Battlepods.  In the Ground Mecha, most of the files received a general update meaning that minor details were ironed out with some new images added.  Several of the mass-produced mobile suits are now online as well in their initial versions as well as the first version of the Marduk Zentran Power Armor.  In the missile index we have a lot of new stuff.  All the Multi-Purpose, Air to Air, Air to Ground, Infantry Missiles, Surface to Surface, and anti-ship torpedoes are up.  In the naval ship index we have several new ships as well as several updates.  The Gloval, Broadsword, Sierra, Horizont, New York, Boeing, Shangri-La, Thuverl Lilar, Tou Ilar, Varauta Assault Carrier, Varauta High Speed Cruiser, and Nuptiet Vergnitz-Mar are now up and running.  Minor updates in the rest of the files.   Personal armor and weapons finally has some files.  Many of the small arms and rifles are up and running as is the CVR-6 Body Armor and the new PPAS-1 Bubblegum.  Special thanks to Michael Bornstein for helping write those weapon files.  Veritech fighters have many new files up; the VAF-12 Odin and VBF-15 Loki are online and all of the cyclone mecha are online as well.  Minor updates to the rest of the files. 

4/19/00 - New ground vehicles up.  All of the first generation mobile suits are up, however most in a less than complete form and all will change several more times before they will be in their final form.  The veritech fighters have had slight updates and changes in the sensor sections and a few html clean ups across the site.  The initial phases of the timeline are now up and running.  Several new naval vessels as well, the Broadsword troop transport, the Orca transport, and several Marduk and Zentraedi ships are now up.  Also, a new entity known as the Galactic Imperium is now in all the indices.

1/31/00 - Okay, lots of new stuff up and running.  All of the colony fleet vessels have been updated and are now probably in their final forms with one exception being the Mark Twain-class vessel which should be up soon.  The Macross-class Fortress is now also up and will probably need to be revised several more times before being finalized and the same goes for the Robotech Naval Yard.  Hopefully the layout for the timeline should be up by the next update.  Lots of other files have been updated as well so get going and check 'em out.  One last thing, if your going to sign the guestbook, do so in an adult manner.  My new enemy, whoever you are, if your going to be immature and simply dislike my page for no reason, don't comeback, or at least grow up and use you real name.  If you'd provide me with your real email address I'd be more than happy to explain to you how all my ships actually work.

12/13/99 - Alright 1000 visitors, woohooo! Anyway, sorry it took so long for this update, which really isn't all that much, I've been stricken with illness for two weeks (gotta love the flu).  Regardless there are a few new ships up, and updates for one or two along with the working missile index and some designs.  Also the links page is up along with my bio page.  Next update will be a few new files with updates (i.e. Design Notes and Histories for files).  Before I forget, anyone in the greater Boston or Nashua NH area (basically someone who doesn't mind driving to Nashua  or close by) and would like to help with this page, drop me an email.  I am really looking for graphic artists, both 3D and 2D, along with writers to help write some of the essays as well some one with a physics or astrophysics or astronomy background would be greatly appreciated.  They are encouraged to have an open mind about Robotech and some McKinneyism ideals.  Anyway, just drop me an email at me college email address.  Sayonara!

11/2/99 - Yay an actual update completed in less than a month!  Added a few new naval ships primarily new Zentraedi designs along with Marduk designs.  Mostly a lot of update work with the navy ships in terms of propulsion and manufacture information.  A few new mechs in the ground mecha page and missiles are now up in the missile index.  As the voting polls indicate most want to see more navy ships so I will again have the next update be more navy ships hopefully finishing Marduk and new Zentraedi ships and begin work on the Neld Fleet and Sentinel ships.  I will also hopefully have more missiles to add now that I have my missile designs from home on hand.  AND SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!  FEEDBACK IS GOOD!!!!

09/29/99 - Welcome to the once again active 4th Robotech War Homepage.  Now, thanks to some help from friends, I can regularly update this page (It's hard building a world by yourself)!  Several new files are up and revamped.  Also I have a new email address and would really appreciate some feedback.  Mostly the new files are in the naval vessels.  The colony fleet vessels are done and several alien ships are up and running including the Marduk Flagship and the Varauta vessels.  Next update should be in middle to late October.

06/6/99 - Welcome back to the newly redesigned and revamped 4th Robotech War Page, formally the 5-Star Robotech Technical Files Homepage. Currently working right now are most of the
indexes, with most of the files being active in the veritechs and naval vessels with several for ground mecha.

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