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last updated ** april 10th. yes, another new layout! cool, ne?

Welcome one and all to the bishoujo senshi sailormoon center, or the bssmc for short! Here, you'll find tons and tons of information dealing with the famed shoujo (girls-style) series, "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon" (pretty soldier sailormoon)! Please use the picture links to your left to navigate the site. Thanks so much!

oh, BTW, i'm the official site of the month of The Sailor Senshi Hangout! AHHH! Arigato!!

Ah, another new layout...I'm up to the big 2-0, the 20th layout! And i realized that I never made a Rei one, bad nemesis, so I decided to make one. I thought this one would be perfect - for the love of flame - cause that's who Rei is, in my opinion.

BTW, I really REALLY do want to redesign, and I'm considering frames at this point because I have no ideas. I can't even GET into PageBuilder anymore, but I want to keep updating! So just wait, guys, something good might be coming...

2 year anniversary **_** 2 year anniversary --@-- 10,000 hits!

lots of hits ne?

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