Hi and welcome to the World of Anime and Manga. I have put together a page that hopefully even the people that have been to a million Anime web sites out there can still find intersting. I have some original pics, info, and graphics on this site that I think you will like. Everything here is from Sailormoon besides the other series links, which should provide you with mainly info to get you started into the show. To get started just click on the section you want to go to below. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will enjoy your stay!

4~13~'01~~Okay, I know I haven't updated in ages, but big news! I've upgraded from a WebTV to a computer. So, I will be making major updates now. I hope to give this page a whole new look, and a lot more content, while still keeping the old stuff intact. ^_^ I'll be making a transition from a Sailormoon page, to an anime page and hope to add a lot of new downloads and image galleries. Please send it your suggestions, fanart, and fanfics to get this page moving along. Also, from now on this space will be used for updates. Thanks!


All layout & content Amy,1998-99. Please read this before using anything off of my page.All characters of Sailor Moon is by Naoko Takeuchi/Toei Animation/Kodansha/DIC,etc.1992-97

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