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NameTan Yew Lee
Chinese Name   E
English NameGrace
Birthday20th June
Place of BirthKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Zodiac SignRabbit
Horoscope SignGemini
Blood GroupO
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
Language Capabilities Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien), English, Malay, some Japanese and basic Korean
Favourite ColoursPink and light blue
Favourite FlowerLavender & Tulip
Favourite Number8
Family MembersParents and two younger brothers
Favourite ArtistsJacky Cheung and Hacken Lee
Favourite ActorsJackie Chan, Jet Lee and Matsutakako
Favourite FoodsAll types of Chinese food, Asam Laksa, Seafood, Steamboat and Japanese food such as temaki.
Favourite DrinkChinese tea and fresh fruit juice - such as orange juice
Favourite FruitsMango, orange, apple and watermelon
Favourite AnimalsDragon
Favourite Time of the DayNight - feel peace
Favourite SeasonSpring and Winter
Greatest AccomplishmentWon in Chinese calligraphy competitions in national contests
Research interest:Inter-cultural communications, international marketing, Japanese management style vs Western management style
Dreams and Aspirations no.1To get a PhD
Dreams and Aspirations no.2Travel to many countries and learn about cultural differences
Dreams and Aspirations no.3To involve in social works and help people who need help
I Wish to HaveA happy family
Countries visited before20 countries (Refer to the front page)
Favourite SportsBadminton and basketball
Favourite TV ProgramsNational Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and Travel Guide programme, Horror movies and Adventurous movies
InterestsTravelling, reading, listening to classical music
PersonalityInquisitive and adaptable
Greatest FearsSnake, fierce dog, lizard
Happiest MomentCompleted MBA at my age of 25
University AttendedUniversity of Tasmania, Charles Sturt University and Southern Cross University(Aust)
University CourseBachelor of Business and Master of Business Administration(MBA)
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by Yew Lee