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Hello Tacvi!

8/6/2004 - Cetten

We came, we saw, we're green!

(Zun is dead, woopidy do!)
So we've been hanging out in Txevu for the last few weeks, ended up beating Highpriest last week and getting to our buddy Zun. Now all I can say about this encounter is bleh - this encounter is possibly one of the worst I've ever had the displeasure of figthing in the past 4 years. Why you may ask? Well much like the rest of this GoD aweful expansion its based on luck and anyone who's been into this zone far enough will know exactly what I'm talking about.

We tried every possible strategy we could think of even letting a gnome lead a raid (boy was that scary) and found nothing that would work in our favor. Thankfully in our moment of despair our fearless leader Morty was divinely inspired - we dyed ourselves green. Yes thats right! The power of green overwhelmed Zun blinding him and his pet goat chicks allowing us to sneak up and deliver the final blow.

As for loot we made out fairly well. We got:

Yes its a ring! Goes on your fingers (see the precious if you have any questions). Grats Aeolyn.

We also got a sword, it cuts things. Grats Drayron.

And a cape! It goes on your back I guess. Grats Boggrak.

And last (but certainly not least) handcuffs! I knew zun was kinky with those goat chicks. Grats Mel.

So whats next? Well from the looks of it we never left the first zone in GoD, kinda makes you ask yourself "and why did I pay for this expansion again?" Anyhow, we zoned in and the first guy you see gives you a big sob story:

So the first thing we see after this is a giant goat (creative eh?) seems like we saw this a time or two before.

Thats basically it, more updates to come after we done getting thrown around the prison cell by yard trash that hits harder than quarm. Joy!