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This is my lair, and like a fly caught in a web you have been pulled in to gaze in wonder at all that I choose to bestow upon you.  Or, you know, not.  I favor sushi, Dr.Who (with the ninth Doctor, casue Chris Eccleston is hot!), kicking butt in D&D, reading comics, and watching anime.  I am varied and multi-faceted.  Please leave a note about the site, or whatever you feel like.  I hardly ever bother to update though so don't go expecting changes anytime soon.  Come meet me if your ever out San Fran-way.

Warning! Parents, I am not your babysitter.  This site may contain language or images that you may find inappropriate for your child. I encourage you to monitor your children's viewing habits and don't blame me if they start using foul langauge.
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