Yes, it has finally come to this...

After leaving my pride and joy of a fic sitting for 4 years because of school, life, and lack of inspiration, I have decided to officially leave it be for a bit. I have lost touch with anime as I once knew it, and need to lift the thick wall of writer's block that has been plaguing me for a long time now. I want to start new things, and I should have more time to revamp this page with actual regular internet access and school vacation coinciding, but for the next couple of weeks there won't be any more updates. If you were interested in some of my earlier work that was posted here, the link is below. Thanks for taking an interest in me! ^_^;

Washu's Lullaby-The Fanfic that went TOO FAR!!!!

There are many images on this page that I borrowed from other places because I liked them. I think it's a flattering thing, for me to apperciate something so much that I want to have it as my own, but if you don't agree with me, send me a polite email and I will take it down. I am a reasonable person, I swear. And I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable or anything over a dinky little image...sheesh. My Email