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We discovered the pleasures of erotic art when one of us found porcelain figurines in a range of of sexual acts in a little antique shop in Beijing. On the same trip, she also found an old booklet containing paintings of several couples in different sexual acts and positions.

The discoveries made us realise that contrary to common belief, there is a strong tradition of sexual liberalism in China.

One of our aims in starting this page is to showcase the wide range of erotic art that exists. Puritanism has become a deeply entrenched part of many cultures and societies and too many people use sexuality as a means to persecute others.

Our forebears were wiser: they knew that there are few things more beautiful than the physical expression of love, tenderness and desire.

Please note that while this site will feature items representing sexual behaviour, it is not a pornographic site. If you are looking for pornography, please go elsewhere. There are plenty of those around.


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