The Bhaktivedanta Youth club is a non-profit club dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment of youths aged 12 to 23 years.  The BYC has been in existence for three years and has continued to gain popularity.  What began as a small newsletter at my home has now become a Club with approximately twenty members.  The BYC executive staff is as follows: 
Newsletter Editor-in-Chief and Club Founder/Co-ordinator: Myself
Newsletter Assistant Editor: Hemanshu Patel
Newsletter Chief Journalist: Basab Roy Choudhury

Statement of Purpose

Sadly, in the 1990's many youths are renouncing religion and turning to a life of illicit sex, drugs, and alcohol, three facets of this material world that can destroy young lives.The BYC strives to make youths aware of the principles of Sanatan Dharma and to get them involved in promoting their religious beliefs.  By helping adolescents do so, I hope to instill a code of morality that will help them refrain from partaking in the aforementioned evils.

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