The following paragraphs briefly describe some of the ways by which you can interact with the BYC.  Use them at your discretion.

Newsletter Publication

As founder and co-ordinator of the BYC, I would like to welcome anyone who wishes to compare their religious philosophies with those of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) to send me their comments via e-mail.  By following the adjacent link, you can preview the newsletters that I have written.  If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter, follow the instructions on that page.


To make this youth club fun for my members, I have written and co-written a few skits and plays for them to perform.  If anyone else has some skits or plays or ideas (if I am given an idea, I can write the play myself) about plays based upon Sanatan Dharma, feel free to send them to me by click the link beside this paragraph.

Transcendental Bhajans

In the future, I wish to implicate my youth members in a music session where they would chant Hare Krishna! and sing various Indian religious bhajans.  Many youths have shown interest in singing, and I would like them to expand on their interest.

Transcendental Games

By selecting the link adjacent to this paragraph, you can access numerous games that have been designed to enhance your knowledge about Sanatan Dharma and Krishna Consciousness.  If you wish to give me some other games, please send them via e-mail to the address below.

Address 1

Address 2