Here are a few sites from which the BYC has recieved some of its inspiration and ideas.  A visit to these sites will be well rewarding.  There is so much to learn at each of these sites that you will want to visit them repeatedly.  Take the time to pore through each site and read everything that they have to offer.

ISKCON Montreal

This is the home page (in french) of the ISKCON temple in Montreal.  You may wish to check it out to see what activities are taking place in the Montreal Area.

ISKCON International

This is the home page of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness.  From this page you may read about Sanatan Dharma and its great teachings.

Back to Godhead Magazine

For those of you who like to read magazines, this magazine will certainly keep you busy for hours.  Plenty of intersting stories and articles.

Iskcon Television

Those of you who like to watch television or enjoy watching movies will certainly enjoy the material offered on this site.  Go and take a look.

Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

Those of you who are quite studious will appreciate the literary content avaliable from this site.  Do not hesistate to sample some of the texts offered at this site.

ISKCON Youth Ministry

This is the headquarters of the Youth wing of ISKCON.  Although there is not that much at this site, it is still quite interesting.

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