Meet Tux the toad(aka Tuxedo Mask), (Nephrite)Neffy the Newt and Malachite the Magnificent!!!

First let us see what Tux is doing.
Hmm...he seems to be having a great deal of fun. Click here to hear him call. Ever wondered how tux feels? Wanna make him open up to you? Have no fear! The Dissection Kit is here!

This is tux's heart.
  It's the one in yellow outline.
Click here to go for the REAL
interactive frog dissection.

Oh dear!  I think i killed him. Oh nevermind, i'd get Queen Beryl to raise him again. Everyone watches as she kisses the dead toad....

*Bing* The frog changes into ........ Eugh! I think the toad was better.

Hmmm....Neffy the Newt seems to be quite unwell. Sorry folks! He's in the sick bay currently, with Molly the Sailfin Molly. Awww....let's not disturb them shall we?

entrance tickets have been sold for Zoey's zoo.

Come again next time to Zoicite's Zoo...
"Creatures of Night, Brought to Light!"

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