updated sep, 2001

Hello! Like the new format of tables? Shall add more thumbnails as i go along.
Newer ones (and hence, usu. nicer ones) on top. Enjoy! Mail me your comments! some aren't tat great.. shall sort them out one day

inspired by kenshin. added sep '01 G-pen and ink. added e backgrd in e comp. just testing out e effects.

kenshin from wat else? rurouni kenshin =). added sep'01 CG.
inked version here

Grainy pic of soujirou from RK. added sep'01 pencil. scanner sux sorry

inspired by Fengyun, of all things. added mar '01 another entry in the Darkages contest. CG

er...inspired by lodoss + various fantasy sorts. added mar '01 Won a consolation prize in some Darkages contest (it's supposed to be some online game, I think) watercolour

Gally (aka Battle Angel Alita)...penciladded 7/8/00 Thought it looked nicer inverted..

Pencil drawing of Aeris from Final Fantasy VIIadded 6/11/99 The shading was great fun!

Zoisite's side profileadded 6/11/99 Just a quick sketch

Zoicitie from Sailormoon watercolour...i decided to make at least one fanart of 'em Negaverse folks. Not that great a piccy, but it'll do

Ů Under the Dapple Shade...running pose, coloured in the computer! (my 1st computer-graphic!)

Mike Angel from City Hunter(SD)

Ů (Under the Dapple Shade) know that manga by Tsukasa Hojo? It got published in 'Friday Weekly, and even earned me a miserable $10, almost 2 years after I sent it in, I think. Talk abt effieciency.

Sun Wutian and Trunks from dragonball (B&W)

Kaori and Ryu from Cityhunter (B&W) This is rather nice, even if i do say so myself.

Goku on a dragon (dragonball, B&W) the wierd markings were meant as guides for colouring.

Almost everyone from Fushigi Yuugi Finally, one in colour! A watercolour picture.

Steal any pictures, and I'd hunt you down, and make you watch Waterworld for the rest of your life!!! Weekends, you'll get Barney specials!!! So there!

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