Ain't he cute?'allo! 'allo! This is the Loony Lodoss page...filled with all the little idiosyncrasies of our favorite anime...
Oh, BTW, i've just had a thought: Michael Wincott is the perfect person to play Ashram in a live-action movie! (If there's ever going to be one)See the WHLLA section for details!

Fun stuff
Ashram stuff---Spot the difference! As we all know, Ashram has really small eyes...most times you can hardly see his eyeballs.
before.. and after...
Look really closely....his eyes are just that *twee* bit smaller in the right picture! Cool, huh?

Ashram's theme song!!! Well, not exactly, but it sounds awfully like it. It's "Brim full of Asha" by Cornershop, but the way the guy sings it, it sounds (to me) like "brim full of Ash-ram at forty-five, yeah, it's a brim full of Ashram at...." repeat til Ashram becomes a goody-two-shoes, and Parn turns calm, sagely and wise.
Here's the .wav version(336kb) or the .ram version(realaudio).

The Ashram look-a-like contest!!! Vote, or submit other possible candidates! Here's what we have for now:
*WHLLA: Why he looks like Ashram.
niefeng profile #1)Wind 

His original hair colour is black, but it got coloured reddish-brown here for a change. Click here to find out more about Wind. (hey, i wasn't the one who named him) 

1: Long black hair 
2:Quite muscular 
3:Small eyes (considering that most manga/anime characters look like houseflies)

wincott #2)Michael Wincott
Long black hair, quite pale?, cheekbones, black armor, horse, sword, etc
Raspy villanous voice as well!
Results so far:erm...
Submit more candidates.

Why Ashram discarded Pirotess's head band...
*Yawn* There're just so many theories out long as it paints Ashram in a favorable light, it's acceptable.

Woodchuck stuff
Have you heard of this rhyme? My sister told me about it.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Repeat a la Ashram's theme song and good luck.

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