About me....

         Anyways, *ahem* this being my homepage, I suppose I'm supposed to do some kind of a self intro thingee. Ok it's been awhile since i've even touched this page. ok. i'm no longer 16 *sigh* =p

Should probably put this into a table form or stg.. but for now, my stats:
b-day: aug 17
been rather busy recently (some new commitments. =p) not much time to draw anymore. loads of stuff to do. heck, dun even watch tv no more =p no time! (tat is not to say that i mug a lot.. er.. tat's rather far from the truth, sadly.)

         light of my life
<This is a blurry picture of Baby (pronounced something like Bay-yee). She used to be a Carebear, but is now a bear with lots of personality. She's one year younger than me, which explains why she's nearly blind and losing her fur and colour, but she's still the light of my life. Life without her would be like a pencil without its tip ---pointless. She's in charge of my mail too!

IMHO, Cityhunter's the best manga, while Record of Lodoss War is the best anime.

Incidently, I share the same name as Nakago (from Fushigi Yuugi) His sign is "Shin" (Xin), means heart, which's exactly the same as mine!!! =Þ

            I think Malachite/Kunzite/Jinba(in the Chinese version) and Zoicite/Lai 'En( In the Chinese version) are cool too.

Actually, why do i bother with this? Nobody reads this anyway. hmm. but dun wanna include too much stuff.. too many wierdo net junkies ard. heh. no offence to u, dear reader.

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