En Hymne Til Dauden i IV Capitler
Independent Release
By: Naberius

      This was one of the best demos I've heard in a long time.  Its rare, these days, that when you listen to a demo, it actually grabs your attention.  Take equal parts Ulver (Bergtatt era), mainly the acoustic guitars and the melody and mix it with Leviathan, especially the melancholic angst that spawns from it.  The vocals remind me a lot of Leviathan and the slew of other "depressing" black metal bands out there.  Somehow, all of the distortion on them doesn't bother me on this one.  The acoustic guitars, especially on "Nattens Sang ( Primsessens Komme)" sound like they are straight off of Ulver's Bergtatt.  And seeing the title of this demo, I think this was no mistake.  I'm not a huge fan of clean vocals but they fit well on "Til Evig Tid (Morkets Dystre Toner)".   He doesn't overdo it, which is important when using vocals like this.  Skaur is the name to keep your eye on.  Nordmann definitely proves that Norway is still alive and kicking in the black metal scene.