The Nasal Encounters Of
Nose Gouge!
The Boy With The Superlatively Cavernous Nose
1995 (Re-drawn from a 1993 rendition which has since been lost to the world forever)

BONUS CARTOON! The Nasal Escapades Of
Nose Gouge!
The Boy With The Superlatively Cavernous Nose
1996? (Thanks to my brother who, when asked "What's a word, preferably beginning with 'N', that means 'Adventures'?", responded with "Escapades." I couldn't think of anything else, so "Nasal Escapades" it was.)
Set 'em up...
...and knock 'em down!

Nose Gouge is a character I came up with way back in 1993 during a particularly boring 3rd form science class. The whole class was yacking away and not paying much attention to what the teacher was doing. The infamous "eye-gouging" incident from some rugby match had been in the news and a friend of mine changed the phrase "eye-gouge" to "nose-gouge" and thought it was hilarious. So, in my notebook/diary I drew a cartoon about a kid called Nose Gouge who would always get his nose caught in things. Or, to be more precise, would always get things caught in his nose. The original cartoon was re-drawn on unlined paper two years later, and, in the year 2000, I renamed "Nose Gouge" to "Nose Job" (which is less obscure) and re-redrew the original cartoon for a local comics anthology called Funtime Comics. I am awaiting its imminent publication... any day now... I hope...

While I'm waiting for that, you can wait for me to hunt out the third (and final thus far) Nose Gouge cartoon, a full-colour, one-pager called "Face-Lift" (the yuckiest episode ever!).

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