Growing ET Acceptance

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The world's first Alien Embassy is being constructed in the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to a report publshed in Express K, a Kazakh newspaper.

Nobutaka Machimura

"This is an issue that the nation is interested in -- it is a defense issue and a confirmation operation needs to take place," Ryuji Yamane, a lawmaker from the main opposition Democratic Party who submitted the question to the cabinet, told Reuters.

As a past Director of the U.S. State Department's Office of Advanced Technology, and former Chaiperson of the International Academy of Astronautics Subcommittee on Issues of Policy Conserning Communication with ETI, Michaud is a leading figure in preparations for any future contact with ETI. Michaud argues that if we assume that an ET civilization exists relatively close to our own, then it is our collective responsibility to pool Earth's resources and maximize our intelligence anf technological capabilities.


Montreal Mirror: Out-Of-Body Language

>> For techno titan Jeff Mills, music is a ticket to other planets by Raf Katigbak.

M: When you say "they," do you mean like, "the Man?" Do you think the Man has already found things?

JM: I think so. They try hard to discredit things. I think something will happen that is not possible to hide. It will be beyond their control. And I think everybody else kind of knows that too. It's kind of part of this - not conspiracy, but a large understanding that many different people in many different cultures and art forms - they feel compelled to prepare the people for certain situations to happen, so you see movies like E.T. and things like that. Certain creative people constantly work to try to put things out there to prepare people for the unexpected or unexplained.