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The 4602d Air Intelligence Service Squadron (various incarnations, including 1006th AISS by late 1957 and the 1127th USAF Field Activities Group, and the 7602d Field Activities Group, and now is known by a new name, headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.) was activated and organized under the authority of the Air Defense Command on February 28, 1952. At the time UFO investigation was being taken out of the public eye of Project Blue Book and by 1953 given to the 4602d (UFOB Program). When AFR 200-2 was officially published in August 1954, the investigative resposibility had fallen completely into the hands of the 4602d. Project Blue Book would be nothing more than a public relations front (cover-mechanism) until its demise in 1969.


Teams of officers assigned to the Washington, D.C., area would fly into Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on commercial flights and then deploy on military aircraft. Their missions, according to Exon, were to investigate UFO sightings.

"Well, the way this happened to me was that I would get a call and say that the crew or team was leaving and they knew...There was such and such a time and they wanted an airplane and pilots to take X number of people to wherever...They might be gone two or three days or might be gone a week."

-- Testimony of Brigadier General Arthur Exon base commander at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base during the mid-1960s. (2)

Note: UFOlogist Leonard Springfield claimed that he had reports from twenty-four unimpeachable sources that spaceships and frozen alien corpses are being held at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. (1)
Brigadier General Arthur Exon (a lieutenant colonel in 1947) heard rumors about the stuff coming into Wright Field and had spoken to the men involved in the analysis of the [UFO] debris. (2)

"The photographs go to Washington. In addition one copy of each print will be forwarded to ATIC, and one to us here at headquarters."

-- Captain Cybulski. June 1954 commanders' conference briefing for the 4602d AISS.

What these statements subly demonstrate in Washington has more of a passing interest in UFOs. Not only did UFO evidence go to ATIC but through a secretive group in Washington D.C. (2)

General Nathan F. Twining's (Project Sign) statement "all pertinent data would be made available to the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)." The AEC had represenitives on most of all the major government UFO investigative projects according to George D. Fawcett. Guards at some AEC installations report their UFO encounters directly to the AEC.

See: UFO Recon. Atomic/Nuclear

Is the military unit charged with the operation to counter an alien threat. (13/P.426)

For [Gary] Mckinnon, the most important information he uncovered related to AFSPC. 'I found a list of officers' names under the heading "Non-Terrestrial Officers",' he told journalist John Ronson. 'It doesn't mean little green men. What I think it means is, not Earh based. I found a list of "fleet-to-fleet tranfers", and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren't US Navy ships. What I saw made me believe the have some kind of spaceship, off planet. (13/P.427)

Reversed-engineered saucer/ bell-shaped craft made by studying actual ET craft built by Lockheed, Northrup, et al, and housed in secretive locations around the world. Also termed the flux liner. (source: Mark McCandlish, Brad Sorenson)

United States Air Force (USAF) division which was formerly known as the Intelligence Division of the Air Material Command (AMC) at Wright Field, Ohio (now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base), and which was the base for UFO investigations until 1961, when responsibility was transferred to the newly-created Foreign Technology Devision.


4602d Unit History "UFOB Program"

On 4 December 1953 Colonel [John M.] White, Captain [Joseph A.] Cybulski and Captain [Milton] Bellovan attended a conference with General [Brigadier General Woodbury M.] Burgess for the purpose of discussing the role of the 4602d AISS in the Unidentified Flying Object (UFOB) Program, and an ATI [Air Technical Intelligence] course for the 4602d. It was proposed that in the future the 4602d will be the agency responsible to ATIC for the investigations of FLYOBRPTS in the ZI [Zone of the Interior or the United States]. Captain Cybulski was appointed FLYOBRPT Officer and departed on 5 December 1953 for Wright-Patterson AFB for the purpose of (1. Establishing the role of the 4602d in the collection and reporting of FLYOBRPT data and (2. Developing an ATI course to meet 4602d requirements. The course will be designed primarily to instruct our personnel in the latest technical developments in SLRA, ECM, and A-Bomb and Guided Missile techniques as applicable to our responsibilities. (2)

AFR 200-2 was issued by the Secretary of the Air Force and classified under "Intelligence Activities." It dealt primarily with procedures for reporting UFOs and restrictions on public discussion. Paragraph nine specified, "...information regarding a sighting may be released to the press or the general public by the commander of the Air Force base concerned only if it has been positively identified as a familiar or known object." Paragraph eleven stated: "Air Force personnel, other than those of the Office of Information Services, will not contact private individuals on UFO cases nor will they discuss their operations and functions with unauthorized persons unless directed, and then only on a 'need-to-know-basis' basis."
These statements led some civilian investigators to the conclusion that the Air Force was engaged in a cover-up of the UFO situation.

Someone, such as a general or admiral, ostensibly responsible for certain types of programs or areas of technology would not be briefed on the existence of a program that should be within his jurisdiction. (If your name is not on the so-called "bigot list" for a program you will not be briefed, no matter what your rank or responsibility. Even the director of the CIA or the DIA would not ex officio and automatically be on all such lists.) The wall of denial in the deep black world can thus be maintained by both deception and deliberately designed lack of cognizance leading to apparently honest denial.


Taking the UFO Case to Court

After the hearing last month, Gersten received a congratulatory email from Will Miller, retired commander of the U.S. Naval Reserve:

I am certain that the documentation you seek exists [...] At the sametime, I firmly believe that many senior government officials, such as the director of DIA with whom I recently met on this subject, are 'protected and isolated' from knowledge of this subject and from data gathered by their own Department of Defense intelligence organizations.

The military leadership has both interest in and concern about the UFO phenomenon. If there are any 'keepers of the keys' they reside in DOD middle management and civilian DOD contractors (BDM, SAIC, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, etc.and the comptrollers who monitor the flow of money to certain classified and Special Access Programs [SAPs]. Unfortunately in many cases the DoD folks charged with looking for information may themselves not know where to look.

A popular term for that part of the military budget which has been classified. Some call it the super-secret part, classified even higher than Top Secret. Projects thus funded have been called black programs. The official name is Special Access Required Projects, or Special Access Programs. Only a few members of congress have access to this information. GAO has identified about 185 programs (1992).

The seperation of white and black programs is further emphasized by arrangements known as carve-outs, which remove classified programs from oversight by defense-wide security and contract-oversight orginizations.

A parallel concept can be seen with Area 51. USAF Flight Test Center (AFFTC) has a main location at Edwards AFB. Some classified programs are carried out at Edwards' Noth Base. Most secure and sensitive programs though are the responsibility of the AFFTC detachment base at the secret flight-test base on the edge of the dry Groom Lake, Nevada known as Area 51. The USAF refuses to identify the Area 51 base referring it only as an operating location near Goom Lake'. It is protected by any further disclosure by an annually renewed Presidential order. Area 51's linkage to Edwards is a form of cover intended to conceal the existence of a black program by creating a false impression to the public.

Black programs may appear in the DoD budget (Pentagon's budget books) only as code names such as "Grass Blades," "Chalk Eagle," "Dark Eyes," "Guardian Bear," and "Sea Nymph." Other classified programs are covered by vague collective descriptions, and the dollar number for those items deleted.

A multi-level nomenclature system as a further defense against disclosure All DoD SAPs have an unclassified nickname, which is a combination of two unclassified words such as Have Blue or Rivet Joint (Have, Senior and Constant are frequently used as the first word in Air Force programs, Tractor in the army and Chalk in the navy).

A DoD SAP may also have a one-word classified code name. In this case, full access to the project is controlled by the classified codename. The two-word nickname simply indcates that a program exist for budgetary, logistics or contractual purposes.
See: Code Names


Example 1:

"Operation Snowbird" (so named because the 104th Fighter Squadron of the Maryland National Guard were winter visitors) was the military's (Air National Guard) explanation for the March 13, 1997 Pheonix Lights. There are those who believe the flare story is a lie, the military's attempt to cover up the truth. Others think flares were indeed dropped but only as a diversion so officials could explain what people saw that night.

It's rumored that the code name Snowbird has a connection to secret UFO projects.

Example 2:

Project Moon Dust code name was changed after being compromised in 1985. The mission, however, continued. (2)

So sensitive that its very existence is waived (a technical term) from the normal management and oversight protocols (USAPs). Even members of Congress on appropriations committees (the Senate and House committees that allocate budgets) and intelligence committees are not allowed to know anything about these programs.

Defined in USAF regulations as any item, progress, strategy or element of information, the compromise of which would result in unrecoverable failure.

Black programs that are masked by white (normal classification system) or unclassified programs. For example, the U-2 spyplane was covered by a weather-research aircraft program. Such covering allows technology to be relatively openly developed until such time as it is ready for application to a black program. The overt cover program is then usually cancelled, having accomplished its purpose.

Same as covered Actions and statements which are intended to conceal the existence of a black program by creating a false impression in public. Example the original identification of the U-2 spyplane as a weather-research aircraft and the concealment of the CIA's Lockheed A-12 spyplane behind is acknowledged cousins, the YF-12 and SR-71. Or the way in which people who work at Area 51 are nominally assigned to government or contractor organization in the Las Vegas area, and commute to the base in unmarked aircraft.


Example -> The Roswell UFO Crash:

July, 1947. Debris recovered by Army Air Force (AAF), who issued a press release saying "Flying Disk" had been recovered. Press release retracted the next day, and press conference held at which it was revealed the object was, in fact, a Rawin sonde (a device used to calibrate radar). A September 1994 Air Force report suggesting the 1947 Roswell UFO crash was in fact a remnant of a balloon launched as a then top secret program called Project Mogul would be an example of a cover-mechanism (the "Flying Disk" retraction and and press conference held in 1947 would have been a cover story).

May be established for unacknowledged progams in order to protect the the integrity of the program fom individuals who do not have a need to know. Cover stories must be believable and cannot reveal any information regarding the true nature of the contract. Cover stories for Special Access Programs must have the approval of the PSO [Program Security Officer] prior to dissemination.

What sophisticated intelligence operatives use to set up some person or group, take them off the trail of something real and important, and trash the person or the subject.

Systematic efforts to confuse and disinform the public. Divulge both real and fabricated information to assure that the secret will not be believed.

Plausible but false data.

Nickname to Nellis Range out in Area 51.

Red Flag (Steven Greer): that was coined the term because the technologies used there seem to cross over to areas relegated to the realm of the mystic or the mythological but are actually a specific science, advanced technology seen in credible UFO reports that defy conventional technology or natural phenomenon.

A UFO that is extraterrestrial in origin.

MJ-12 (controversial source) term. Life forms that are extraterrestrial in origin.

Moving targets clearly not missiles and tagged "Valid IR Source" by Department of Defense spy satellites, like the Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites, in geosynchronous orbit above the earth, are mysteriously given the code name "Fast Walker."

See: UFO Speed.

Air Force Systems Command agency which took over responsibility for project Blue Book from the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) in 1961.

Liases hand-in-glove with its American counterpart, the National Security Agency.

Special Access Programs must have nonattributable telephone lines, also called Hello Lines, connecting them to the outside world. Personnel who answer such a telephone must state the proper salutation, e.g. Good Morning or Hello. Do not use the company name.

The Soviet Union's vast, top-secret UFO research programme set up in 1977, between the mid-1950s and mid 1960s about 15,000 sightings were reported by pilots, of which most could be explained. (13/P.238)

Significant black budget monies are regularly funnelled through ITAC to deal with the UFO problem. 'Some of these funds are earmarked for secret programmes run by NASA; both the NSA and CIA are said to work closely with ITAC. (13/P.422)

Regulation allegedly linked to AFR 200-2 that made the release of information about UFOs by military personnel a criminal act, punishable by 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. (7)

Tracks man made objects in space.


Example: UFO Spotted Over East Coast

On Tuesday, March 13, Stefan Bocchino of the USAF Joint Space Operations Center said in an e-mail to WTOP radio in Virgina that the bright light was not the result of a man made object.

While the Joint Space Operations Center tracks man made objects, in space they do not track natural objects such as meteorites.

Men dressed in black suits - traditional garb since the 1950s often have been reported threatening UFO witnesses. Described as driving dark colored Cadillac type cars. Sometimes described with unusually pale skin and unusual tone of voice. Probably a spook tactic and a way to conceal their identity. Possibly related to the secret UFO investgations that were carried out of Washington D.C. Made into a fictional movie, popularized by Hollywood.

See: Washington's Secret UFO Investigations

Conducts surveillance, interdiction, capture and confiscation of UFOs, extraterrestrial-connected operations.

Confronted with the unauthorized use of a program name or a specific question, an accessed individual may deny all knowledge of a program - as he or she should, because its existence is core secret, and a mere no comment is tantamount to confirmation.

The questioner - who may not be aware that an accessed individual must respond with denial and spread it further.

Also people may honestly believe that there are no black programs in their area of responsibility since they have no need-to-know.


Example: The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident:

"I don't know what it could be..... unless there's a super
secret thing going on and I wouldn't necessarily know about it."

-- US army's Fort Hood press officer, Major Tony Geishauser.

"There was no evidence presented that would indicate that Army, National Guard, or Army Reserve helicopters were involved."

-- Lt. Col. George Sarran.

Look alike creatures that have the appearance of an extraterrestrial but are man made used in military related abductions.

Collect debris from foreign sources (UFO-related material/investigations) by the Air Force that was classified and carried out by specially trained intelligence team personnel (4602d AISS/1127th USAF Field Activities Group) starting in 1953 or 1957. Its code name was changed after being compromised in 1985. The mission, however, continued. (2)

"As a specialized aspect of its overall material exploitation program, Headquarters USAF has established Project Moon Dust to locate, recover and deliver descended foreign space vehicles." pragraph 5, November 1961 document, AFCIN Intelligence Team (controversial). Obtained through FOIA request by UFO researcher Clifford Stone. (2)

A fast, covert way of establishing a SAP by the DoD before the program is formally reviewed and funded. The P-SAP may continue for up to six months.

Transnational and corporate operation contractors for big covert projects. It has eaned the nickname "NSA West" inside the intellegence community. Speculation the company is involved in UFO/Recoverd ET Craft technology.

U.S. government program responsible for research and development of a space-based system to defend the nation from attack by strategic ballistic missiles. SDI, popularly referred to as "Star Wars," was announced by President Ronald Reagan in a speech in Mar., 1983, and was derided by his critics as unrealistic. In 1993, SDI was reorganized as the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO). The more limited system, called the National Missile Defense (NMD), is intended to protect all 50 states from a rogue missile attack, but the deployment of such a system was forbidden under the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty.

  Star Wars officials mask how funds are spent, often shifting money from one program to another in what was informally known as a system of "IOUs" and "taxes." SDIO regularly gave projects only 50% to 80% of the funds they had been allocated. When the program managers would ask for the balance, they were often told the money had been spent elsewhere. As far as Congress knew, the Pentagon had allocated the money as directed. Hundreds of millions have been secretly diverted this way. (131)

Defense industry intergration of materials developed from recovered ET technology by Pentagon.

'Furthermore, when the alien technology was fed to US industry, at no time was the source revealed. Colonel Corso had the perfect cover: it was foreign technology that he was providing - ostensibly something picked up from the Soviets or the Germans. No questions were allowed and no explanations given. And, as you might expect in a country with three separate military services, the Army, Air Force, and Navy did not share their secrets...'

Shadowy projects that hide within the vast bureaucracy of government, military intelligence, corporate, laboratory and institute operations in the U.S. and abroad - compartmented away (specially protected information within the various compartments) from the public, the Congress and usually even the President, CIA Director and Secretary of Defense. Outside the normal confidential/secret/top secret system.

The intelligence community classifies much of its product as Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI).

Information bearing special controls indicating restricted handling within the present and future intelligence collection programs and their products. (13/p. 339)

-Programs considered to be too sensitive for normal classification measures protected by a security system of great complexity.
An acknowledged SAP may be openly recognized or known, however, specifics within the SAP will be classified.

There are three basic types of SAPs:

  1. Acquisition (AQ-SAP)
  2. Operations and Support (OS-SAP)
  3. Intelligence (IN-SAP)

With each group are two major classes - acknowledged and unacknowledged.

-Program imposing 'need-to-know' or access controls beyond those normally provided for access Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret information. (13/ p. 419)

I have learned hat a number of so called 'deep black' Special Access Programs (SAPs) in the US military and intelligence community deal with alien matters, Being part and parcel of weapons and intelligence programmes, they are not classed as a discrete matter (13/ p. 419). - Timothy Good.

Is responsible for approving new SAPs and changing their status; recieving reports on their status; and, among other things, making sure that SAPs do not overlap with each other. The SAPOC co-ordinates the reporting of SAPs to Congress. Whether SAPs are acknowledged or not, they normally report to four Congressional committees - the House National Security Committee, the Senate Armed services Committee, and the defense subcommittees of the House and senate Appropriations Committees in closed, classified sessions.

This was the group that, under various names (starting with the Psychological Operations Group during the late 1940s) and across several presidential administrations, planned, coordinated, approved and evaluated the most sensitive covert, paramilitary and clandestine operations ever mounted by the United States - including, I assume, those relating to the alien problem. Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Corso military records from 1954 to June 1956 show he served on the Intelligence Staff of the National Security Council's Operations Coordinating Board, later known as 'Special Group 5412', then 'Special Group 5412/2'. (13)

Information, the unauthorized disclosure of which could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security. (13/ p.339)

A covert, mass-media program to suppress public interest in the UFO subject matter by the CIA.

"I . . . helped organize the CBS TV show around the Robertson Panel's conclusions." - Dr. Thornton Page, CIA official (1966)

The acronym UFO was created in 1951 by the United States Air Force (USAF) to replace the term flying saucer coined by the media from Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting of aerial objects which flew like "saucers" skipping over the water.

  1. Older designation or nickname used by the United States Air Force (USAF) pilots to describe an extraterrestrial craft.
  2. AISS UFOB Program.
  1. A category of deep black, illegal projects within the military, intelligence and corporate world.
  2. A program that is considered so sensitive that the fact of its existence is a core secret.
  3. The existence of an unacknowledged SAP, or an unacknowledged portion of an acknowledged SAP will be made known only to those personnel properly authorized to receive the information.
Not regulated by normal management and oversight protocols.

Unacknowledged SAPs that are not reported to full Congressional committees. At the Secretary of Defense's discretion, the reporting requirements may be waived, Only eight individuals - the chair and ranking minority member of each of the four defense commities (the House National Security Committee, the Senate Armed services Committee, and the defense subcommittees of the House and senate Appropriations Committees) - are notified of the decision. This notificaion may be made orally only.

One of three levels of SAP protection.
Are the blackest of black programs.You can accuartley speculate that this would be in the relm of UFO's and extraterrestrial technology.

Normal classification system or unclassified programs.

Some white-world programs may be intended as a cover (covered) for black projects to mask activities that would otherwise be hard to conceal directly. Building, improving large test facilities, setting up production facilities for some materials.


Example -> A white program being a cover for a black program:

"A NASA photographic expert said that there was a Building 8 at Johnson Space Center where they regularly airbrushed out images of UFOs from the high-resolution satellite imaging. I logged on to NASA and was able to access this department. They had huge, high-resolution images stored in their picture files. They had filtered and unfiltered, or processed and unprocessed, files.
My dialup 56K connection was very slow trying to download one of these picture files. As this was happening, I had remote control of their desktop, and by adjusting it to 4-bit color and low screen resolution, I was able to briefly see one of these pictures. It was a silvery, cigar-shaped object with geodesic spheres on either side. There were no visible seams or riveting. There was no reference to the size of the object and the picture was taken presumably by a satellite looking down on it. The object didn't look manmade or anything like what we have created. Because I was using a Java application, I could only get a screenshot of the picture -- it did not go into my temporary internet files. At my crowning moment, someone at NASA discovered what I was doing and I was disconnected."

-- Gary McKinnon