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Mes cheres amies,

My b'day, 8th Oct. Wanna know the year as well ?!?!?!'s 1974.

I dream to have fabulous personal website that people (specially my friends and acquaintances) will find very useful and quite nice. But how to have one? I can devote a lot of time and slowly build a more or less decent one myself. But time is something I do not have at this moment. The second option is to hire a professional to do the job for me...That would also mean that the final product will be much better than what I will come up with. But the price for that is more than what I can currently afford. :-(

So, the "project" is procrastinated...every month, week, day.... . But I won't give up. I'll wait for the time and opportunity.

Well...I did spend some time and rudimentarily developed a couple of pages, some 3 years back...and that's the way it remained till date, and will perhaps remain a few more days/weeks/months. Dear friends...Wish me "time!!!"....more than luck for this :-)

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I am presently pursuing no avocation as such...but I have a very diversified portfolio of interests. My interests will be episodically divulged to you all in due course of time through this comprehensive (would be) website of mine.
I pray to God that let all my productive acts and deeds be for
1. my immediate family,
2. my closest friends and other family members,
3. the society as a whole.

May God bless all of us and give the right strengths and skills and prudence to create lots of wealth (comprehensive sense) for us and the economy as a whole.