The Bazz Fuss is a simple fuzzbox circuit, cheap and easy to build. The original circuit, devised by Hemmo P., is even simpler and can be seen here .

A few parts were added to the original design to suit my tastes. The most peculiar is the transformer winding on the input. I added it at the suggestion of Jack Orman , to counter the effects of using low output impedance devices in the signal chain before the fuzz, which had a tendency to kill the tone of the fuzz. I don't know why it works. It just does.

BazzFuss sample, low gain and high gain Starts with the gain set all the way down, then with gain full up, neck pickup(Fender-style single coil), and ending with gain full up, bridge humbucker.

Also see: The Many Faces of Fuzz and Circuit Snippets.

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