The Promise For Planet AR3

T.C. Newman

An online sci-fi/romance novel
When newspaper reporter Jenny Zarrett meets with a young woman, Trenae Lafayette, and listens to her chilling story, Jenny soon realizes an unbelievable roller coaster ride has just begun...

Trenae made a terrible mistake. She became involved with a corrupt governor linked to a brutal criminal organization. The governor and his men soon hold Trenae and other young women captive, forcing them into sexual slavery. And then, by an unfortunate string of events, Trenae overhears the details of a murder, the murder of the governor's ex-wife. Found eavesdropping by the governor's men, Trenae then faces her own horrifying death sentence. But in an attempt to save her life, Trenae escapes, by the breadth of a hair. With no one to turn to and no place to go, and time running out, Trenae soon finds herself alone, in the woods...

Life at times delivers ironic blows in the face of our troubles. Lurking out of the shadows, a dangerous, powerful humanoid alien being finds Trenae and eventually takes her captive too, not much unlike her former situation. Her trembling, frazzled soul must now deal with two frightening dilemmas- the evil criminals still wanting her death and the powerful alien now keeping her prisoner in his eerie, metallic lair.

Yet fortunately, the alien soon relaxes his stern, fearsome demeanor. He attempts to teach Trenae and become her friend, even offering protection from the governor's evil men. And in time, his otherworldly good looks even delight Trenae's eyes. Nevertheless, with the alien's unpredictable behavior, immensely strong build, and vast, complex intelligence, she discovers trust for him hard to find.

Jenny continues listening intently to Trenae's story and begins to wonder- is Trenae delusional, or is she telling the truth? And if her story is the truth, what exactly did this alien being want from Trenae? Did the alien merely want to explain his advanced technological and scientific knowledge? Or explain his knowledge of theology, his enlightening knowledge of God? Or did he want something else, namely... Trenae? For as the story proceeds, Jenny senses a complicated, unnerving attraction consuming Trenae and her captor, even as the alien slowly reveals terrifying pages from his past and even as he and Trenae must confront the dark abyss of potential love between beings from two different worlds...
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Part One, 1st third- chapters 1- 6

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