These emails below are from my dear readers. I was so happy to receive their messages!


Recently, I felt compelled to share their messages, to let others know their opinion of my novel. Hopefully, if you have been hesitant to read my novel, this page will gently nudge you in the right direction.

Thank you, T.C. Newman


(Full names and other personal info have been deleted)



1. (Received July 31, 2003, from L.M.):


Hi, I just discovered online books yesterday and
yours in particular. I've been at the computer about
12 hours reading it and have just finished it. I
wanted to say that this is really, truly good
writing. The story is powerful and imaginative with
an incredible concept and message. Not once in the
twenty odd years I've been reading Sci-fi have I ever
found a story that blended my beliefs as a Christian
with sci-fi, especially in an age when it's so popular
to write about anything else, etc. Thank you for the
work and effort you have put into this. I hope to
find your book or books at the bookstores!

, __________



2. (Received Aug. 11, 2003, from A.B.):


I absolutely love your story. I was wondering if you are writing one now or
are going to in the future?



3. (Received July 3, 2003, from Y.B.):


Hello T.C. Newman,


My name is _________. I am the editor for Culture Shocker Newsletter <>.


The reason I am emailing you today is because I came across your work while looking for quality reading online.

TITLE: The Promise For Planet AR3

Site: <>

I would like to invite you to use Culture Shocker as a sounding board!...If you are interested in submitting this, or another piece, I would be most happy to receive it!

Editor, Culture Shocker Newsletter


(I then wrote back, stating my “okay”.

Here is Y.B.’s reply):



"The Library" doesn't do links.
However, I love your book. Maybe we can arrange a link swap?

Editor, Culture Shocker

Owned by SAonline



4. (Received October 9, 2003, from K.B.):


Thank you for the wonderful, positive novel!



5. (Received November 21, 2003, from B.U.):


Dear T.C. Newman,

Assalamwalikum  (Prosperity on you)

I just finished reading your novel, The Promise For Planet AR3, and I loved it. I loved it so much that now I am hoping to read sequel of this novel, and I very much hope u wont disappoint me.

I send the link of your site to all of my friends who love reading like me.

Let me introduce myself, my name is _________, I live in _________, and doing masters in Philosophy from University of _________.

Your approach in defending anti evolutionary theory sounded so unique and fresh and elegant, believe me I admire you for that.

I love reading, and I am proud to say that I have read many of the worlds best fictions and literature and my taste in reading is so versatile that I can learn to appreciate any new concept or idea that I learn from reading many fictions or classics.

A week ago I was tired of studying so I log on the internet and was surfing randomly when I just gone onto and saw a new book in romance section and so I downloaded your book. At first I thought it is pretty boring but then after chapter 1, I start developing interest and I couldn’t stop reading it. I just loved it!.

But there are few ideas that u mention which I totally don’t agree with, like concept of ‘God’s first creation’, it sounded so much like Platinus’s theory of Neoplatonsim.

This theory have fallacy of self-contradiction.

Other then this I love your book tremendously.

Tell me one thing more, why didn’t u publish it?

Why put it online for free?

And please tell me if u are working on any new book.


I will be honored if u will reply to my mail.

My email address is _________


Take care

Allah Hafiz  (May you stay in God’s protection)




6. (Received January 15, 2004, from C.M.): 


i read your novel and i really really loved it. I'm

wondering if you will write The Promise For Planet AR3

(part 2) ;) in a near future. (After corresponding to this reader, I then received this email, though only part of the email is shown here):

…Anyway, I'm looking forward for that synopsis you're
talking about and please please do let me know after
you're done with Planet KL2's Revenge. I cannot wait
for the sequel. Believe it or not I read tpfpar3 twice
and about to read it for the 3rd times. It's addictive.




7. (Received February 22, 2004, from M.K.):


Dear Ms. Newman,


I would like to express to you my gratitude for making your beautiful novel,

The Promise For Planet AR3, available to read online. It was a most enjoyable read. I loved the original, powerful love story, and the

striking details you included about the alien characters (especially the main

character Ra'am) and their alien world. I would very much like to know

when you anticipate to finish writing the sequel, Planet KL2's Revenge. I

simply can't wait to read it :)


Kindest Regards,




8. (Received March 17, 2004, from J.B.):


I have really enjoyed your book.  But I would like to know if there is a sequel coming from this book.  I have never enjoyed a Sci-fi book before.  I really like Ra'am and Trenae and how their love goes beyond boundaries.  If you do have a sequel coming when can I expect to read it?


Thank you,




9. (Received April 10, 2004 from A.H.):


Dear T.C. Newman,


I would like to tell you that I really enjoyed your novel. It was perfect, with proof of a great imagination. I wouldn't - couldn't - stop reading. The characters really have depth in them, and none of them are too perfect or unrealistic. And the love between Ra'am and Trenae shows that it doesn't matter if you're different from the one you love. Anyways, your story is very moving, and I'm preparing for the sequel.




10. (Received June 11, 2004 from E.D.):


I LOVED the story!!! Bit technical in places, but a great story!!!





_______, ________




11. (Received June 10, 2004 from H.P.):


Dear T.C. Newman


At first I thought your book was a little depressing, that was in the

beginning, but out of boredom and curiosity I couldn’t stop reading.


it became like it was only cool info. I am very open-minded and liked

your ideas and other things very much. But still it wasn’t like a


not a romance. Wow, you sure got me there.

Well, you even convinced me that you really had an encounter with


and you also know a lot about things like Trenae's former life (Do you

watch lots of movies?;-)). Very smoothly done. I still think you

couldn’t really have sucked all those great things out of your thumb


(I know you got much info from the web but you couldn’t have gotten

everything there). I think you’re very sharp (complement’s to the

writer). And you’ve got a new fan.

But I have to say I am at the end of your book and very unhappy that


book is now almost finished. In fact, I am depressed about it!

So please, pretty please write something as good as “The Promise For


AR3” or just continue. I am begging here. ;-( See my despair, and




From a fan from __________ (Sorry about my English, English is not my

first language)




12. (Received June 16, 2004 from A.S.):




I really enjoyed reading tpfpar3. I look forward to reading the sequel.

Please let me know when it's finished if you can. Also, I'd like to

read the synopsis to the sequel if you have that ready. I'm really looking

forward to it. Tpfpar3 was a really well written book. You should get

it published in stores!






13. (Received May 25, 2004 from B.A.):


hi, i just read your story, over probably about a week of reading it


and would appreciate seeing your synopsis, and especially your next

story. I

am also a __________ resident, so....thanks for the engaging story, eh?




14. (Received June 3, 2004 from B.):


Hi My name is _______ and I just finished reading tpfpar3 and I loved it. I enjoy reading romance novels as well as science fiction so I really liked the combination of the two in this story. I would really appreciate it if you could send me a synopsis of the sequel Planet KL2’s Revenge. You are a very talented writer and I really enjoyed your story. Do you have any other stories on the internet for people to read? Well I am really looking forward to the sequel. My email address is _____________.





15. (Received June 30, 2004 from C.S.)

Just finished reading your on-line novel and yep, I am

totally hooked.
Can you send me the synopsis of the sequel?  Please,
please, please!!!!
What is your timeframe on the completion of the
Also, I know you have been told this many times, what
a movie it would make.  All the way through I kept
imagining what actors could play the main parts.  
Good luck and keep me posted!
16. (Received July 30, 2004 from K.C.L.):


Hey, first of all, I want to say how much I enjoyed reading your book the first several times around. It flowed and brought up many things I had never thought of yet were quite easy to believe. The emotional plus scientific sides of your story created a truly enjoyable book. Now, my problem is I want to read the story again but I’m having difficulties opening the first part. Perhaps there is something wrong with the link? I would love to hear back from you and learn about the sequel. Thank you very much.




(K.C.L. was right- Part One wasn’t opening properly- this reader’s email was the reason I have now separated Part One into three smaller sections, due to yahoo geocities apparently having an unlisted kilobyte limit for certain htm pages- thanks again, K.C.L.)



17. (Received September 11, 2004 from F.Z.):


Dear Ms. Newman,

I am _________, from _________, __________. I was surfing the net when i got to the free online novels website i got to your novel and decided to read it.

I have read tpfpar3 3 times and am still addicted to it. I just keep wondering about how you got everything down like that! you are great, honestly. Had to tell a couple of friends and my sis about your novel.

Are going to write something like this in the nearest future? i cant wait to read it if you are!

Keep up the good writing and remain blessed


(After corresponding to this reader, here is another email from F.Z.):

Dear TC,

Nice to hear from you too! didnt expect to see ur reply in my mail box this morning. It was a pleasant surprise, really.


You deserve the compliment and lots more. Honestly, cos i was never intrested in sci-fi novels before but i was so entranced when i started reading what you wrote. Must have done alot of research to come up with everything. The language and scientific names, the feelings, everything, is just AWESOME (that word doesnt do justice). I was just scrolling like mad to know what happens next. You are good, really.


Have you tried to get published? i mean, its a great novel and i think other people will like to have it on thier book shelves. I would.


And yes! yes! yes! yes! i would like to read the synopsis of the sequel. Thanks so much for offering to let me see it.


I wish you the best in all that you are doing and will be doing in the future. its really nice meeting you, TC. Hoping to hear from you soon. U r great!


Take care,





18. (Received November 1, 2004, from C.A.):


Dear Ms T.C. Newman


Wow!!!! what a most scintillating science fiction



I loved it from start to finish so much so that I was

glued with riveting excitement, expectation and

fascination to my computer screen and could not stop

reading until the very last word....oh why oh why did

it have to end:(


I loved your principal character Ra'am, not just for

his obvious other-worldy good looks and charm but for

his ability to see past Trenae's physical exterior and

her insecurities to witness her unique spirit and

divine spark.


I've been a Greg Bear, Robert Silverberg, Asimov,

Larry Niven and Orson Scott-Card sci-fi fan to name a

few, for a long time, but not once can I ever remember

one of these authors writing a truly great

sci-fic/romance story; balancing out the sci component

with the fic (romance) component. I guess it takes a

woman to write such a wonderfully balanced and

rewarding story that focuses on the emotional as well

as the technical.


I am a physics major so I enjoyed your take on the

mechanics of Ha-Ta and method of getting from A to B

as well as the creationist versus darwinist point of

view...very challenging reading to one's long held

beliefs. Personally, the more I study physics, the

more I think that I sometimes cross the realm from

scientific to reglious-philosophical, especially when

dealing with such abstract concepts as Superstring

Theory and M theory.


Anyway, on you website you said that you were writing

a sequel entitled: "Planet KL2's Revenge" and that you

would be willing to send a synopsis if requested.


So, I would be very much appreciative if you could

email me a copy of this synopsis of this very exciting

up and coming sequel.


Just out of interest, why didn't you submit this great

original novel to one of the major sci-fi publishing

houses as it is most worthy of printed publication.


Regards and Best Wishes






19. (Received January 18, 2005, from K.B.):


I couldn't put this book down and I look forward greatly to reading the


Thank you for such a fabulous story, it has made me think about my own


and life itself and will continue to make me think and search for



With best regards,





20. (Received March 2, 2005, from L.):



I just read the book...It was wonderful! An avid Sci-fi reader, as well as a Christian, I have never read another book like it!! Curious, do you believe in aliens? It seems you must! I have always been interested in this subject, but dont claim to have been abducted nor have I ever seen a UFO. I love the book, but I did find it ironic how for us women to find a man like this, we have leave the damn solar system! lol  I would love to read excerpts from the new book. Thank you for allowing the book to be read for free...What a fine author you are.



21. (Received March 29, 2005 from J.C.):


It's a great story and you're biblical knowledge for the most part is

sound. Sounds like it closely conforms to Jehovah Witnesses. I am a

Seventh-day Adventist so I agree with most of what you are saying, ie..

the non-existance of Hell, creationism etc.... A great way to inform.











22. (Received March 28, 2005 from M.):


I just love your book. I think it is great. I'm  twenty-two, and a highschool drop out, but I have great ideas for books. Your story has given me the will to write mine. Thank you




23. (Received April 16, 2005 from D.H.):


This was a very interesting novel.  The 7th day adventist was correct.  A lot of what Ra'am believed is contained in the bible and is very close to what Jehovah's Witnesses believe.  ie.  no evolution, not celebrating Christmas, destruction of wickedness etc. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and was very impressed with this novel, although we do not believe in war for any reason or in any form, and although we respect our governments, we do not vote for any human government.  We are waiting for the paradise promised in the bible and so nicely explained by Ra'am.


Thank you for this interesting read.



24. (Received May 1, 2005 from L.T.):


Dear TC,

I've just discovered online reading a couple of days ago and found your novel The Promise For Planet AR3. What a great novel! I just couldn't stop reading it. I usually never read sci-fi books but I'm definitely starting now. I really like the way you mix science and religion with the romantic story. You are very good with the words and the way you put everything together. I hope you will keep on writing - it would be such a waste if you didn't!

I would love to read the synopsis of the sequel - so please tell me where I can find it?

Thank you for such a great story!! Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards





25. (Received April 12, 2005 from B.):


i love this story it was unique i was totally into it from start to finish. Do you have it for download ? this is a story i would read again and again. way cool thanks for sharing it !!!!!!!!!!




26. (Received May 18, 2005 from H.C.):


Dear Friend,

I am ________ ________.I am hearing impaired.  I am from ____, India. i did read ur website that's for the novel book. i like to read it. Ur novel is nice story and exotics…(deleted were some personal requests and info) 

Thanking you,


With Best Wishes,




27. (Received June 10, 2005 from H.G.):


Dear TC,


I found it on-line and even though it has taken me about 2 weeks to read all of it (in my spare time) I LOVED it, it was truly a wonderful story, well written and well worth the time and effort. In fact, I put down the hardback I was reading and just read your story.  My mom would love it to but she can't sit at the computer for that long due to a bad back so I'm thinking of printing it out for her. It is definitely worth the paper and ink. I would like for you to send me the synopsis of the sequel.  My address is ________. Do you have an estimated time for when your next book will be out and where is it going to be posted?






28. (Received June 22, 2005 from M.A.):


I have been reading your novel for a week now and have finally finished reading it when i was away from the computer and at work i couldn't wait to get back to it when i got home i was so riveted.  Your novel was excellent and awesome and even those words can't described how good it is :) anyway i would really love to read the synopsis to this novel it would be greatly appreciated my email address is ____________ thanks again for the awesome free novel :)



29. (Received June 26, 2005 from F.U.):


Hello there! I love promise from planet ar3 so much that I didn't think that should be the end

can you send me a synopsis to the sequel and when will i read the sequel onliine? great work incredible





30. (Received July 8, 2005 from K.N.):


i liked your book. i was wondering if you are planning on making a sequel. i really would want to know how trenae and ra'am's relationship fares on another planet. would ra'am be called to war? how are the others treated by the overateem (that's as close as I'm going to get in spelling)? does jenny find the man she's looking for? anyway, i admire all the  work that you obviously put into it. i hope to read something else of yours in the near future.



31. (Received July 13, 2005 from N.M.):


What a spectacular book!!!!!  One of the best books that I've ever read.  I simply cannot wait for the sequel to this book.  I hope to see your books on the book shelves all over the country.  I thought that the story was not only inspirational but showed the genius of your writing and the genius of your imagination.


I hope to read your sequel soon...thanks for writing.  I love your work.




(and after corresponding to N.M., here is another email ):


Dear TC,


Please feel free to use my email on your testimonials page.


I really LOVED the synopsis to your sequel...It just makes it all the more difficult to wait for you to finish it.  Please do let me know when you finish.  I look forward to hearing from you.





I think that your books would make GREAT movies or a GREAT SciFi television series.



32. (Received August 4, 2005 from L.D.):


I'm a great admirer of your novel The Promise for Planet AR3. I read it a couple of years ago in February, and I posted a thread about it at if you are interested. It is also my forum, and I am the administrator there. ;)


I found it troubling that you lacked adequate hosting for this excellent piece of literature, so I want to offer the hosting without conditions. No fees. Actually it's just homemade server with plenty of hosting space, with the risk of having the server down a few times every month since I get power outrages once in a blue moon. You can get your preferred domain name point at your files set up in my server.


Actually, someone with visual problems couldn't read your ebook...  so I set up a page for her to read the synopsis easier at


Let me know if you don't like that, and I'll take it down. By the way, I'm a web designer by profession with a taste for sci fi and romance... and philosophy.


Just thought I'd exchange my service for having had the pleasure of reading a quality free ebook, and I'd love for more people to read your stuff!


If you decide to not have the hosting option, that's also fine with me. :) I will only know that I've had the pleasure of reading a great ebook and having corresponded with you.


Best regards,




33. (Received September 1, 2005 from S.O., in three separate emails):


i heard that you were making a sequel to the promise for planet ar3. i've only just finished reading it and i must say it is very very good and i can't wait for the sequel. i know you will make it as good as the first one, if not better. i thank you for making such an enjoyable novel.


I forgot to mention, can you please reply to when i should expect to read the sequel to The promise for planet ar3 and again i really enjoyed tpfpar3 and i can't believe you're a beginner and i also believe that you are very talented.

love ______

Dear TC

can u plz send a synopsis of the novel for me plz plz plz


(And here is another email from S.O. after we corresponded):


Yeah it would be okay for u to put my e-mails on and thank u for sending the synopsis for me. would u be able to send me an e-mail when u finish writing the sequel to tell me you've finished and what site i could read it from. thanks and, again, i appreciate you sending the synopsis.

love _______

p.s u can also use this e-mail if u want





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