The Promise For Planet AR3 (TPFPAR3) is my first novel, simply inspired by ideas I had in my mind for quite a few years.
The main reason I did not attempt to publish this story the usual route (via a typical publishing company) is because TPFPAR3 is simply too long for a first time author, coming in at around 350,000 words, far more than the typical publisher's required word count of about 70,000 to 120,000 words for fiction novels of first time authors. But, since I felt this was a good story, I did not want TPFPAR3 to be just an idea in my mind, but wanted more than all else to share this story with others. And I hope you, my dear reader, did find this story inspiring and uplifting, if you have already ventured forth and read TPFPAR3.

Some credentials on me: I am a former art major in college, a former piano teacher (a former accompanist likewise for school and other productions), and I have done some writing in high school and college, mainly for school newspapers. I have a great interest in physics and chemistry, in particular those topics which deal with atomic, subatomic, and nuclear functions. I also have interests in other science and math subjects, such as biochemistry, astronomy, calculus (which I need to master yet!), and computer science.

If you would like a synopsis of the sequel to TPFPAR3, please contact me at:

Thank you for your interest in my story :-)
Take care,
TC Newman