At my former web site,, I gave access to each chapter individually. Now, however, with my current web host (yahoo geocities free web hosting), I am limited by a lower file transfer rate (how many kilobytes or megabytes of infomation per page that are transferred from a web site to a viewer's PC) and a smaller web host hard drive capacity. I did try uploading all chapters of my story individually to this new URL (my current web address), but in doing so an error occurred, and I was therefore no longer able to access my site, nor were any other viewers allowed access likewise. After inquiring as to why this occurred, yahoo help explained that my site contained too many megabytes of information. Only limiting the amount of information and the size and number of pages on my web site would solve this problem. So, consequently, that is why I no longer give access to each chapter individually. My apologies if this has caused any inconvenience for you.

But, I may still use my former domain name ( in the future, either with yahoo or some other web hosting site, and if able, I will reestablish the same set-up as before, with access to each chapter individually.

T.C. Newman