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Michael J. Behe, Ph.D., author of an excellent book, "Darwin's Black Box", (by the way, I corresponded with this man via email and he is a very nice person). I highly recommend anyone to read his book, either from a library or by purchasing the book. You can purchase his book from; just go to amazon's home page and do a search for "Darwin's Black Box".

Richard Hammon, physics professor at NDSU (at least, he used to be there- not sure if he still is).

Kimball's Biology Pages, a wonderful site for anyone interested in biology, biochemistry, etc.

Dorothy K. Morris, an novelist expert

Richard Powell, astrophysicist, author of excellent site detailing size of universe,, and a very helpful, friendly person.

Rod Powers, very helpful military guide,

Stuart Pullen, web author of As with Michael Behe's book, "Darwin's Black Box", I highly recommend reading this site, to find out more about the huge obstacles dismantling the evolution theory. Stuart Pullen's information from his web page is also available as a book. The book can be purchased at; simply do a search for "Intelligent Design or Evolution?"

Marilyn Ruben, Alien Abduction Experience and Research,

Spaceman, an physics expert (his real name is James A. Case, and he is a very cool, helpful guy!) I wrote to many experts at this site and received so much information. As soon as I can, I will list all who helped me.