African Gods
Abassi - The Efik sky god who set the first human couple on earth on the advice of Atai, his constort.

Abonsam - A malevolent spirit of West Africa near the Gold Coast.

Abora - The supreme god of the heavens of the Canary Islanders on the island of Palma.

Acoran -
The supreme god of the Canary Islanders on the island of Gran Canaria.

Adaheli - The Surinam's sun god.

Adro -
The Tutelary god of the Lugbara; he is the immanent aspect of the sky god Adroa.

- The sky god of the Lugbara.  He is the creator of heaven and earth and both good and evil and is remote to earthly and human affairs.

- The son of Mawu-Lisa who rules the waters of the earth.

Age - The god of barren wastes and animals.

Ajalamo - The Yoruba god of unborn children.

Ajok - The principle god of the Lotuko of Sudan.

Akonadi - The supreme creator god of the Ngombe of Congo.  It is believed he once lived with humans but disappeared into the forest once people proved too fractious.  There is another version in which humans lived with him in heaven, and were then placed on earth.

Akuj - The supreme god of the Turkana people of Kenya.

- The Kono creator god.  (West Africa)

Amma - The supreme Dogon god who created the sun and the moon.  The myth of Dogon is used to justify female circumcision as it is practiced in many parts of Africa.  It is said that he tried to procreate with the earth (female) except his passage was blocked by a "red termite hill" that had to be cut away before he could mate with the earth. (Mali)

Anansi - The Ashanti spider trickster deity.  This god was the representative of the supreme god until he was replaced by the chameleon. 

Aondo - The Central Nigerian creator god. 

Apap - The Ugandan creator god. 

Apedemak - The Sudanese war god who was depicted with a lion's head and human body.  Elephants and cattle were sacred to him.

Arebati - The sky god of the Bambuti of the Congo who created the first man from clay. 

Arom - Kafir god of contractual agreements.

Asis - The sun god of Kenya and Uganda Suk and Pokot. 

Astar - An Ethiopian sky god. 

Ataa Naa Nyongmo - The Gan creator god of Ghana. 

Ataokoloinona - The son of the supreme god of Madagascar. 

Avrikiti - The Fon god of fishermen. 

Balubaale - The Bagandan gods of earth, death, lightning, plague, and the rainbow. 

Bandara - A group of Singhalese gods superior to the Yaksas. 

Banga - The Ngbandi of northern Zaire god of clear waters. 

Behanzin - The fish god of Fon in Dahomey.  He was invoked by fishermen to ensure a bountiful catch. 

Beher - An Ethiopian sea god. 

Bo - A god of the Ewe in Benin; a protector of warriors. 

Buadza - The Gan god of the wind.  (West Africa)

Buku - A West African sky god. 

Bumba - The creator and supreme god of the Boshongo.  With horrible stomach pain, he vomited up the earth, sun, moon, and all living createures; the last being mankind.  (sounthern Africa)

Cagn - The supreme god and creator of the Kalahari Bushmen of southern Africa. 

Cghene - The Creator and supreme god of the Isoko of souther Nigeria.  This god is remote to human affairs and is little celebrated.  He has no temples or priests. 

- The Yoruban orisha of thunder, rain, lightning, fire, and masculine fertility.  He is a smooth-talking con-artist and symbolises the element fire, truth, intelligence, and courage.  Animals sacred to this orisha are the quail, tortoise, and black cat.

Chikara - A sky god of teh Korekore people of norther Zimbabwe.  Nosenga is his son. 

Chiuke - Also called Chuku he is the sky and creator god of the Ibo of Nigeria.  He is seen as the source of all that is good. 

Chiuta - The supreme sky god of the Tumbuka in Malawi who is responsible for the life-giving rains. 

Chwezi - The hero gods of the Nyoro of North Uganda. 

Col - A Nuer rain god.

Danh - The snake god of the Fon people who's 3,500 coils above and below the earth supported creation by his parent Mawu-Lisa.  This concept of the serpent is seen in both the Fon and Yoruba mythology. 

Deng - An African sky god who is assoicted with rain, fertility, and birth.  He is the creator of the Dinka people of the Sudan.

Dugbo - The main god of the earth in Sierra Leone. 

Dxui - A creator god of the Bushmen of south Central Africa. 

Emeli-hin - The Tuareg name for god. 

En-Kai - A Maasai rain god.

Eranoranhan - The protector god of the Canary Islands. 

Esu - Yoruban god of watchfulness who judges men and records their actions and then reports them to Olorun.

Eshu - The Trickster god and divine messenger of the Yoruba and a major Oshira.  He is related to Legba of the Benin of Dalhomey.  In recent times he is seen as a very young and handsome mulatto man who has three tribal scares on his cheeks ot represent him and his children on earth.  His sacred days are Sunday and Monday, his feast days are the 1st January, 13th June, and 2nd November.  The numbers associated with him are three and twenty one.  He enjoys hard candies, coconuts, tobacco, hard liquor, and cigars and his favourite animal sacrifices are white and black hens and she goats.  All crossroads are sacred to him and were his presence can be felt.  He also lurks in dark shadows and plays pranks on non-believers and those who offend his mysteris.  His alter is kept behind the front door of the home or outside drectly to the left side fo the door, must be kept at ground level, and never over a human's height.

Fa - a Benin god of destiny.

Famien - A god of fertility in Guinea. 

Faro - The Bambara of West Afica sky and water god. 

Fidi Mukullu - The creator god of Bena Lulua in Zaire. 

Garang and Abuk - This couple was the first man and woman in Dinka mythology and Garange is also seen as a divine influence on human live.  Abuk, who was made fully formed but very small, was popped into a pot of water by the creator god where she swelled up to full human size.  They were only given one grain ot eat a day but Abuk ground it to make a paste and planted the next grain.  That planted grain became the source of all grain.  A little snake represents her, all women, and gardens.

Ge - The Moon god of Benin.

Geni - The main deity or masked spirit of the Poro people of West Africa.

Gu - The Fon's of West Africa god of smiths and war.

Gua - The thunder-god of the Ga of West Africa.

Gulu - The Buganda king of heaven.

Gunab - The Hottentot god of evil.

Guruhi - The Gambia god of evil.

Gurzil - The bull-god of Tripolitania.

- The Yoruba rain god.

Hammon - The Lybian god of the setting sun.

Heitsi-Eibib - The Benign sorcerer god of the Hottentots.

Hevioss - The Benin god of thunder.

Huveane - The creator god of the Basuto people of Lesotho.

Ifa - The Yoruba oracular demi-god.

Ikenga - The god of the Ibo of Nigeria.

Imana - An African creator god who tried to save men from death.  He was chasing after death one day and a human woman allowed Death to hide underneath her dress.  Imana became very angry and felt betrayed so he let Death do as he wished and if it were not for this incident man would be immortal.

Iruwa - The Chaga sun god of East Africa.

Juok - The Shilluk people's of East Africa creator god.

Ka Tyeleo - The supreme go dof the West African Senufo.

Kalumba - The creator god of the Luba of Zaire.

Khebieso - The Ewe god of lightning.

Khuzwane - A creator deity of the Lovedu (a Bantus people of the Transvaal).

Kibuka - The Baganda war god and brother of Mukasa.

- A Bushmen of south Central Africa god.

Kyala - The creator god of the Nyakyusa of South West Tanzania. 

Legba - A celestial trickster spirit of Benin who taught the people the arts of divination.

Leza - The main god of Zimbabwean Bantu Nation.

Libanza - The Supreme god of the Upotos of the Congo.

Lyangombe - A god chief among the people of the Congo.

Mahrem - The chief god of the Axumite, an Old Ethiopic empire.

Mantis - A Bushman creator god.

- An omnipotent creator god of the Mundang of Congo.

Mawu - A sky god of teh Ewe of Togo.  He is also the male form of the Fon's Mawu-Lisa deity.

Mbotumbo - A god of the Baule of the Ivory Coast.

Mugasa - The sky god of central Africa's Bambuti.

Mukasa - The Buganda's supreme god and brother of the war god Kibuka.

Mula Djadi - The creator god of the Sumatran Toba-Batak.

Muluku - The Supreme god fo the Macouas of Zambesi.

Mulungu -
The supreme being in Afraican-Christian religion who is equated with God.  Also the creator god of the Yao of Malawi.

Mungo - God of the Giryama of Kenya.

Musisi - The god of the Ndonga of Angola.

Mwari -Also known as Mwali, the supreme god in the Kalanga and Shona cosmology.  He is the orgin of the universe and all its creatures.  He has three manifestations; the Father, Shologulu which means "the big-headed one"  of "head of an elephant," the mother known as Banyanchaba, and the son known as Lunji. 

Nana-Bouclou - A primal god of the Ewe people of Benin who is both male and female.  He created the twines from whom all the Voodoo gods are descended.

Ndjambi - The sky god of the Herero people of of south-west Africa.

Ndrianananahary - The supreme god fo teh Malagasy people of Madagascar.

Nenaunir - The storm god of the Masai of Kenya.

Nesshoue - The river god of Benin.

Ngai - The creator god and main deity of the Masai of Kenya.

Ngewo-wa - The creator god of the Mende of Sierra Leone.

Ngworekara - A deamon king of the Fan of the Congo.

Niamye - The main god of the Baule people of the Ivory Coast.

Nyambe - A god of the Koko of Nigeria.

Nyambi - The high god of the Barotse of Upper Zambesi.

Nyame - The supreme creator god of the Akan of southern Ghana.

- He is the gaurdian spirit of the Zambesi river.  There are two stories about him, a modern story and an ancient story.

Nyamia Ama
- The god of rain, lightning, and storms of Senegal.

Nyasaye - The god of the Maragoli of Kenya.

Nzambi - A bisexual creator god who is associated with mother earth and the sky.

Nzame - The high god of the Fan of the Congo.

Obassi Osaw - High god of the Hausa of the Niger.

Obatala - The sky god of the Yoruba.

Obumo - An African thunder god who is the creator of all things and a supreme deity.

Ogun - The god of iron and warfare of the Nago and Yoruba peoples of West Africa.  In Yoruba myth he is a son of Obatala and Oduduwa.  He was a great warrior and was rewareded with the kingdom of Ire in the land of Ekiti.  He is the civiliser who cleared the wilderness with a machete.  He is both a smith god and greenman figure and master fires powers of creation and destruction.  In moder Vodun he is a soldier, blacksmith, and a politician.  He is also the patron of metalworkers, farmers, blacksmithes, truck drivers, hunters, and surgery.  He has a benevolent but violent temperment and has been syncretised with St. Peter, St. George, St. Anthony of Padua, James the Greater, and John the Baptist. 

Olokun - The Yoruba god of the sea and wealth. 

Olorun - The supreme god of the Yoruba and is considered so remote from human affairs he is not worshipped because it would gain no reaspons.  He is son of Olokun.

Orahan - The god of the Canary island Gomera.

Orisa Nla - The Yoruba creator and sky god who was sent by Olorun to create the earth, the other gods, and all living things.

Orishako - The Yoruba god of agriculature and consort of Odudua.

Orunjan - the Yourba god of the midday sun.

Orunmila - The god of compassion, Yoruba.

Oshalla - A Yoruba god, son of the sun and husband to the earth goddess.

Oshossi - Yoruban god of hunting and the forest whos symbol is the bow.

Pemba - Creator god of the Bambara in West Africa.

Quamta - The supreme god of Xhosa who was worshipped at mounds of stone to which one stone is added by each worshipper.

Rock-Sene - The god of the Serer people of Gambia.

Ruwa - The high god of the Djaga of Kilimanjoro.

Sagbata - The god of smallpox in Benin.

Sakarabru - the god of justice, retribution, and medicine of the Agni people of Guinea.

Sakpata - The Dahomey god of smallpox and ruler of the earth.

Sango - The Yoruba god of thunder.

Shango - The thunder god of the Yoruba of West Africa.

So - The Ewe god of lightning and thunder.

Tano - The Ashanti river god of Ghana and Togo.

Tore - The Bambuti god of wild animals and the forest. 

Tsui'goab - The rain god of the Hottentot of South Africa. 

Twe - A lake god of Ghana.

Umvelingqangi - A Zulu creator god.

Unkulunkulu - the high god of the Amazulu also known as Nkulnkulu.

- the creator god of Basari of Togo.

Uwolowu - Akpossa of Togo sky god and creator of everything including minor gods who also gave mankind fire.  Gernerally he is seen as a beneficiant and is invoked for spring, rain, agriculture (harvest), sun, and birth.

- Ethiopian supreme god and benefactor god who dwelled in the clouds.  Wak also keeps the heavens at a distance from the earth and ornaments it with starts. 

Waka - The bengign rain god of the Oromo of Ethiopia.

Wele - The supreme god of Bantua Kavirondo.

Were - An African creator god who is the giver of life and the cause of death.  He is similiar to Zeus in that he punishes evildoers with lightning bolts.

Wulbari - The supreme god of the Krachi of West Africa. 

Wuni - A creator god and shaper of destiny.  He is the supreme god of the Dgamba people of Ghana.

- The Dahomey god of fertility and thunder.