Lost thoughts
I thought about all those time that I did you wrong
I thought about all those times I broke up our happy home

I was not a gentalmen I was not a friend
thats why the love between us had to end

Do I think about you yes all the time
I often  say to my self that  I must have been blind

to claim to be a man when I was really a jek
Im sorry it was your feeling that I had to hurt

I committed a sin I commmitted a felony
When i thought that you did not love me

I was blind as a bad deaf as a tree because I could not see
the smile on you face ever time you said that you loved me

My friends keep tell me that I did you right
But my dreams keep telling me different each and every night

When ii smell the perfume that you once wore
My heart and sould begin to fill sore

I wished I would have gotten caught
Maybe I would not be haven lost thoughts