You need Java to see this applet.
You need Java to see this applet.
                 When you look into my eyes you begin to understand
         There is something deeper inside me  than an oidanary man.

                   Look into my eyes fell my sorrow and pain
                    Look  into  my eys and see a  sinful rain.

              You think you know know me SHIT thats just a dream
                  Look into my eyes see the little boy as he scream.

                       Looking for love in all the wrong places
                        Falling in love with all the wrong faces.

                  Look into my eyes DAMNIT  tell me what you see
                       Look into my eyes and find an endless sea.

                  You was not there when  the rhymes hit my head
                         You was not there  awoke in my bed.

                      This lust in my heart can someday will kill me
                   But the same damn  lust  chills me and thrills me.

                   Only God can help me no familly or friend
                    Only God will be there until the very end.

        This poem might shock you and even have you a bit surprise.
                   But befor you judge me  just look into my eyes.