So Much to say
When We first met it was like love at first sight
I wanted to keep you in my arms and makr love to you all night.

For years my mouth was silent I only spoke when I needed to pray
Now that my heart is open I have so much to say.

Like how I want to love you and treat you like a queen
and that in my heart and soul I feel like your the girl of my dreams.

I want to look into your eyes and see you fears
I want to look into your eys and wipe away your tears.

I have so little time but so much to say
I have so many prayers that I must pray.

Let me kiss you in places that you have never been kissed befor
If and when I decide to stop I want you to beg for more.

I want to be gentle and hold your body tight
Let me treat you like a lady for the rest of the night.